B**** ( X Matt or Josh )

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Your POV

( Last Day Of School )

         " Hey, Y/N! " Matt yelled from down the hallway. I turned and saw him making his way towards me. Matt is finally going to talk to me. Maybe he'll invite me to his pool party. Oh, God... He is so close to me. Emily suddenly shoved me to the ground. When I looked back at Matt, Emily was making out with him. What a B****. I got up quickly and ran away.

       I got farther down the hall and crashed into Josh Washington. We barely knew each other but we spent a bit of time with each other when we worked on a film project together. " Hey, Y/N. Are you okay? " he asked. I looked up at him quickly before crying into his chest. " Hey hey, hey. Let it out. Whatever is wrong you can tell me when you feel better, " Josh whispered softly.

( A Couple Months Later )

        It was close to getting back to school. I kinda quarantined myself and work on my look and everything. I suddenly got a video chat from Josh. We had been texting a lot over the summer. I answered the video call. " Hey, Y- " he froze when he saw me.

Josh's POV

        Oh... My... God. Y/N got so hot. It's not like she wasn't beautiful before but she is different... In a good way. " Hey, Josh, " she said happily while blushing. " H-Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to Matt's pool party with me, " I stated. " Matt? " she asked. " Yep, " I replied. " O-Okay, I'll see if I can go, " Y/N stated. " Ok, Bye! " I replied happily.

Your POV

        I hadn't even seen Matt since the last day of school. I hate Emily. She probably hates me too, Jess says that Matt has had his eyes on me for a while. Well, I have to pick out something for the party.

( A Couple Days Later )

      I got into my f/c bikini that I picked out yesterday and put a sundress over it. I headed outside and Josh was waiting in his slightly beat up Mustang which was in pretty good shape for how good it looked. I waved to him before rushing down the steps that led to my house. " Shall we head out? " He asked happily. I giggled before nodding. We headed out and his car hummed the whole way.

        Once we arrived I hopped out of the car and saw Matt and Emily.

Matt's POV

        " What is she doing here? " Emily asked as I finished talking to Mike. I turned back to see who had come. It was... Y/N. She looked so beautiful. " What a B- " Emily began. " I'm gonna go say hi " I interrupted. Emily scoffed as I left.

Your POV

         Matt started walking towards me. I felt my heartbeat getting faster and butterflies built up in my stomach. Once he stood in front of Josh and I he clasped his hands together. " Hey, Josh. Y/N, welcome to... My house, " he said happily. I could he was nervous under the smile. I quickly hugged him. " Matt it's so good to see you again! " I stated happily. His hands stayed hovering for a second before he hugged me back.

Emily's POV

       I starred Y/N down.att was drooling over her. I can't believe she is doing this. What a B-

Josh's POV

      Excuse me, Emily. I can't believe Matt is doing this. He knows I have a crush on Y/N! How could he do this to me?

Your POV

      I pulled away from the hug. Chris arrived and started talking to Josh. " Come on inside, we just got everything started, " Matt stated happily. He let his hand get close to mine until suddenly we were holding hands. We walked into his backyard and everyone was partying. " Hey, party people! " Matt yelled happily. Everyone cheered. Matt quickly pulled off his shirt. " Come on Y/N! " Matt said happily. I took off my sundress.

       " Oh my God, " Matt said softly. " What? " I asked nervously. " N-Nothing, " he said as he scratched his neck. " I don't know Matt, I'm nervous. I don't think I can get in the pool right now, " I stated. " Awe, come on, " Matt said before lifting me over his shoulder. " Matt! Put me down now! " I screamed. " Well, I'm going in the pool so you're coming with me, " Matt replied happily. He jumped in the pool and I went in with him. When I resurfaced I was greeted with a kiss on the lips.

      I couldn't tell who it was but I felt their hands slowly make their way onto my hips. We continued to kiss for a bit. I ran my hands through his short, curly hair. I still hadn't opened my eyes. He pulled away and I slowly opened my eyes. " Hi, Y/N, " Matt said softly. My cheeks went red. " What about Emily? " I asked in a whisper.

       " We haven't dated since the start of Summer. She wanted to just be friends, " Matt stated. Then why did she... Nevermind. I kissed Matt again, not knowing how to respond. I placed a hand on his chest and felt his heart pounding. I giggled in between each small kiss. Wow.

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