Odd One Out Pt.2 ( X Matt )

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Trigger Warning: Swearing
Your POV

        Matt and I finally got to the lodge. One of Sam's friends had just opened the door from the inside. " Matt, who's this? " he asked happily. A ' Wolverine ' ran out and scared him. " Woah! " I said frantically. I practically jumped into Matt's arms as Sam and another girl laughed at Chris. " It's okay, Y/N, " Matt stated softly.

       " Everyone, this is my sister, " Sam said happily. Everyone introduced themselves to me before we headed inside. Josh tried to get a fire started as Matt and I sat on the couch. " What is up party people?! " Mike asked excitedly in an announcer's voice. I giggled to myself as they sat next to us.

       Now, I had to wait for Emily to arrive. Wait for the wave of hate to come. It's not like I forced Matt to like me, he did that all by himself. " I'm going to go get a beer, " he whispered softly. He got up and headed towards the kitchen. Jess sat beside me. " Hey, is Matt... Your boyfriend now? " she asked. " I- " I began. " Oh my god. Sam's sister is dating Matt! " Jess announced not noticing Emily as she walked in.
        " What the fuck? " Emily asked. Jess looked at me wide-eyed. " Sorry, " she apologized softly. I stood up. " I- Emily, Matt has decided that he likes me. Not you. I'm sorry, " I stated. " No, I'm sorry. Matt doesn't love you. He only loves me, " she stated furiously.

       Jess stood up and walked in front of me. " Emily, stop. You guys don't need to fight over meathead. He's not worth it, " Jess stated. " Hey! " Josh said angrily. " All of you, stop! If you don't I'm kicking you out to the second cabin, " he finished. I took a step back and ran towards the kitchen. I bumped into Matt. " Woah, Y/N! " he yelled as he stumbled back. Emily turned to Matt.

        " Matt, you have to pick right now. It's either that bitch, Y/N, or me. Choose, " she demanded. I looked up at Matt. He looked down at me then to Emily and back at me. " I-I- choose Y/N, " he stated. " What? " Emily asked angrily. " I choose Y/N, not you Emily, " Matt stated. " How could you, after all we've been through together, " she asked. " What? All you do is complain to me saying I'm stupid or worse than Mike in every way. Just quit it, Mike broke up with you and that most likely means that he will never take you back, " Matt explained angrily.

        " Oh! " Jess said happily. " Shut the fuck up Jess, " Emily said angrily, " I'm going to my room. " I turned to Matt and hugged him. He lifted my chin up so I was facing him. " I love you, Y/N, " he stated softly. He kissed me passionately. " I love you too, Matt. "

Author's Note: This was requested by team10loverxox. Hope you like it! Any requests? Love you guys! ( I just jump all over the place with these notes ) 💖

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