Mistake ( X Matt or X Josh )

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Your POV

      We were best friends. We've known each other since the seventh grade. I told him something I shouldn't have. Something I didn't like to tell anyone and most people didn't know about. He stopped talking to me after I told him. It had been three days since I told him and he hadn't talked to me. We would talk every day but now... Nothing. I just wanted to apologize for freaking out on him. I ended up telling him too much and now I'm here.

      Today we are leaving for the Washington lodge. Josh is supposed to pick me up in an hour and Matt will be there so I might get to talk to him. I went into my room and fixed my hair and makeup. I heard a horn honk from outside once I finished. " Y/N! " Josh yelled happily. I quickly put on my sneakers and ran downstairs. " Hey, Josh! " I stated happily.

       He took my bag and put it in his trunk. " We have to go pick up Chris then we'll be good to go, " Josh said happily. I hopped in the front seat then he started driving. " Thanks for the ride, Josh, " I said happily. " Anytime, well... How are things with Matt? " he asked. " He still won't talk to me, " I stated solemnly. Josh rested a hand on my shoulder. " Well, if he doesn't like you back then he is missing out because you are an amazing, beautiful, and talented woman, " he said happily. " Thanks, Josh, " I said happily.

       He stared into my eyes for a second then looked away. I sighed and looked out the window. We arrived at Chris's house. " Hey, Chris! " Josh yelled. Chris came out his door with a bag in hand. " Hey, Chris! " I said happily. He ran over to the car. Josh popped the trunk and Chris shoved his suitcase in. " Okay, let's head out, " Josh said happily as Chris climbed in. 

       My phone pinged. I turned it on and froze. It's Matt. " Who texted you? " Josh asked. " Matt, " I replied. " What did he say? " Chris asked leaning towards the front seats. " Hey, " I stated. " Ugh, he might as well be Mike right now! " Josh said angrily. I ruffled Josh's hair. " You are acting just like Jess right now! " I laughed. " It is true though, " Josh stated. I sighed and looked down at my phone as it pinged again.

Matt: I'm sorry
Matt: For ignoring you...

      I decided not to answer, he needed to know how I felt. He was still very persistent.

Matt: Please pick up!
Matt: I'm sorry, I just needed time to think about what you told me.
Matt: I'm going to call you.

      My phone rang as I read the text. Matt's picture filled my screen. I sighed. I wanted to let it ring but couldn't handle looking at his face. I hung up. I felt tears filling my eyes. Josh looked back at me. " Are you okay? " he asked softly. My phone pinged again.

Matt: I'll just find you at the lodge and apologize then.

( Later )

      I was on the couch. I decided to get up and wait in the kitchen with Chris and Josh. " Chug, chug, chug! " Chris cheered. Josh was downing beer after beer. " Josh are you insane? " I asked worriedly. " Insane? No, awesome... Yes, " he hiccuped. " Josh, you're going to pass out, " I stated. " Isn't that the objective? " he asked with a smirk. I squinted confused. He stood up and placed his hands on my hips. " Josh, what are you- " he kissed me.

       I let it happen. I could taste the alcohol. I pulled away. " Want a beer? " he asked. I smiled. " Why not? " I asked happily. He picked a beer up off the table and handed it to me. Josh stumbled to the fridge. " I also got... Some Irish whiskey, " he stated happily. " I'll take that! " Chris said happily. " You and me both, " Josh joked. He stumbled back over to the table. We drank for a while. I don't remember what happened but I probably kissed both Josh and Chris before passing out.

Matt's POV

       I walked in with my bag. " Josh? Chris? " I asked. " In the kitchen, " Hannah stated. I headed towards the kitchen. Chris, Josh, and Y/N were passed out on the table. I walked over to Y/N and shook her lightly. " Wake up, Y/N, " he said softly. I watched as her head lolled back and she woke up. " Josh? " she asked. " No, it's me. Matt, " I said softly.

      " Matt? I'm sorry I didn't answer your call. I just wanted you to know how I felt, " she stated as she hugged me. I looked down into two her beautiful e/c eyes. " It's okay, I'm sorry for ignoring you, " I replied. " It's fine, " she stated drunkenly. I brushed a strand of hair out of her face and she blushed. I kissed her softly. " I think I kissed three guys tonight, " Y/N admitted drunkenly. I laughed.

Author's Note: Hey, guys! This may not be my best one shot but this was based off of something that happened to me recently so I decided to write about it to help me cope with what was going on. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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