I Dont Want to Hurt You ( X Wendigo Josh )

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Your POV

I got home from work and heard a ruckus in the kitchen. " Josh? " I asked. I slowly walked towards the kitchen when suddenly, I was pounced on. I landed on the couch and Josh was on top of me. His claws scratched my arm. " Josh! " I screamed.

He immediately climbed off of me. " Y/N I'm so sorry! I'm stupid! " he yelled. I stood up quickly, " No, no Josh. It's perfectly fine. I just need to get to the medicine cabinet. " Josh picked me up and suddenly we were in the bathroom. My eyes widened with fear. I will never get used to his inhuman speed. I hopped out of his arms and opened the medicine cabinet. I grabbed some bandages and wrapped my arm up. Josh stared intently at the cut... Occasionally licking his lips.

We both knew the Wendigo curse still somehow lived inside him. He just mostly knew how to control it. Mostly. Occasionally he would go crazy but deep down he would never hurt me... On purpose. " Good as new, " I stated happily. Josh still looked sad.

" Hey, it's okay, " I stated. I pulled him in for a short kiss. He pulled away, his pale eyes staring into mine. " Let's get some sleep, it is already really late, " I stated. " But I don't want to sleep. I feel like I could stay up forever! " He said happily before jumping onto the hallway wall.

" Josh stop! I just cleaned those! " I stated angrily. He jumped to another wall revealing shoe prints. " Josh, stop! " I yelled. He froze then dropped from the wall. " I'm sorry, " he whimpered. " I guess its fine. I can't resist your puppy dog eyes. No matter what color they are, " I kissed Josh again. " Now can we get some sleep? " I asked. " Yeah. "

We headed up to our room. I got into my PJs, a tank top and short shorts. " I can't do this. What if I hurt you again. What if the curse takes over. I didn't want to hurt you! " Josh stated. " Josh, calm down, " I cupped his cheek, " you won't hurt me. We'll be fine but I need to get some rest so I can work tomorrow. " Josh nodded. I climbed into bed and Josh did the same. He kept his distance, still afraid he would hurt me.

I grabbed Josh's arm and wrapped it around me. He reluctantly wrapped a leg around me then nuzzled his face into my back. His fang scratched me slightly and I winced. " I did it again, I'm sorry, " he stated, about to get up. " No, Josh. It's fine, please stay, " I replied. He settled back in his place, this time being more careful. ," I love you, Josh, " I stated. He waited a second, " I love you too Y/N. "

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