Beautiful ( X Josh )

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Your POV

     " I'm going to check out my room! " I stated happily. " Okay, let me show you, " Josh replied happily. He led me up to a room and sighed when he entered. " What? " I asked as I grabbed his arm. " This was... Hannah's room, " he stated solemnly. I hugged him tightly. " I'm so sorry they did that. I wish I could've helped stop them but I was out grabbing firewood, " I replied.

      " I know, " I replied. There was a bag on the bed. " What's that? " I asked. " I got you a gift, " Josh replied. " Awe, babe, " I said happily. I loved when he got me small gifts. I opened the bag. There was a golden cat ear headband. I fixed my hair then put it on. " How do I look? " I asked happily. I sat on the bed. He climbed on top of me. " You look so~ " her began. " Josh! I need some hot water! " Sam yelled.

      He kissed me quickly. " Duty calls, " he sang. " Love you, " I said as he ran out. I sighed. I laid back on the bed and rested my eyes. I fell asleep.

( Later )

      I woke up. I had the weirdest dream. Chris was yelling, " Ash! Ash! " At me over and over again. I got up out of bed and walked out. There were candles lot up around the house. " Josh? " I asked. There was no response. " Chris, Ashley? " I continued. I walked over to the stairs where there were some candles. " This is nice. I bet Josh didn't get the fire started, " I joked. The candle went out quickly and I jumped.

       " What the- " I began. " So... Beautiful, " I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and saw a man in a freakish mask. I screamed and ran downstairs he chased after me. " Josh help! " I begged. I ran into the kitchen and closed the door behind me. I locked it quickly. It was pitch black.

      The man slammed his fists against the door and I screamed. I hid behind the counter. " Come on Kitten! " he yelled. Soon the banging stopped. I turned on my phone. No signal. I waited for a while before getting up. I unlocked the door. I walled out slowly. I felt an arm wrap around my neck.

       " Who are you? " Josh asked angrily. He let me go when he noticed it was me. He hugged me tightly. " I'm sorry, I thought you were that Psycho, " Josh whispered. " You saw him too? " I asked. " Yeah, we have to get out of here! " Josh replied. " Where are Chris and Ashley? " I whispered. " He, he took them, " Josh replied. " Can we help them? " I asked. " No. We have to go, " he replied. " Come on, Kitten, " he said softly as he grabbed my hand.

      I pulled away. " Kitten? " I asked. He looked confused. " Yeah, " Josh replied. " The Psycho called me that, " I replied. " He did? " Josh asked. " I hope the candle didn't scare you that bad, " Josh said. " What? " I asked. He punched me quickly and I was knocked out.

       He... Punched me. He... He... What? It is already hazy. Where am I? Wait. This has to be a rude prank by Josh. He went too far... maybe I can prank him back.

       I woke up. I was sitting in a chair. I didn't know where I was. " Hey, babe, " Josh said softly. " Who are you? " I asked. I hope he falls for this. He looked confused. It could be working. " It's me, Josh, " he replied. " Josh? Josh, Josh, Josh... Nope, I don't know you, " I continued. " Oh no, " Josh murmured.

       " Wh-Where am I? " I asked. " You're in my lodge... You do remember coming here with Chris and I right? " he asked. " Chris? Who is Chris? Who am I? " I asked. " Oh no, no this can't be happening, " Josh stated in disbelief, " I must have hit you too hard. There must be a way to fix this. "

      He kissed me softly. " Wow, you're a good kisser, " I said happily. " That's what you said when we had our first kiss, " Josh murmured. I couldn't do this any longer. I hugged him. " Josh, I love you, " I said happily. " Y/N, " he replied. " Are you okay? " he asked with tears in his eyes. " Yes, and whatever you're doing... Please don't go through with it, " I begged.

      " I'm sorry, I have to get my revenge. "

Author's Note: This was requested by DanielleCarinci. Hope you liked it. I personally think it is a little lacking. Anyway, if you guys liked this chapter give it a vote and comment down below what you would like to see next. Love you guys!

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