Passed Out ( X Chris )

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Josh's POV

        Mike, Matt, Chris, and I had been drinking at my house all night. Chris had already passed out. His phone pinged. Matt, Mike, and I all looked at each other with large smirks on our faces. I quickly grabbed Chris's phone from under his hand and we all read the message.

Y/N: Hey, Chris.

       " We have to pretend to be him. He has had a crush on Y/N since forever, " Mike stated. I handed the phone to Mike and he started typing.

Chris ( Mike ): Hey, Beautiful. What's up? 😘
Y/N: I uh...
Y/N: Sorry, speech to text has failed me.
Chris ( Mike ): It's fine. What did you need? 🤔

       " This is already going so well, " Matt admitted drunkenly.

Y/N: I just wanted to know if you could come over tomorrow and help me set up my new computer.
Chris ( Mike ): I'm pretty sure I'm free to help you. What time?
Y/N: Okay, thanks. Does 3:00 sound good?
Chris ( Mike ): Let me check my calendar.

       " What are you doing? " I asked. " Playing hard to get, " he replied happily, " and Chris has a class at that time anyways. I believe it ends at 3:15. "

Chris ( Mike ): I'm busy then. Is 3:45 good?
Y/N: Yeah, I guess.

        " What do we say now? " Mike asked. " Let's send her a picture of his abs just to mess with Chris when he wakes up, " I said with a giddy smirk. Not many people know that behind his nerdy exterior he actually does like to play a lot of sports and he works out two hours a day. Mike chuckled as we sat Chris up in his chair. Mike lifted his shirt as I took the picture. I sent it.

Y/N: Wow, Chris. 🙂

          We all broke out into a fit of laughter. Chris woke up groggily and noticed his phone wasn't in his hand. He looked over at us. " What the- " he began. He quickly fixed his shirt and grabbed his phone from my hand. He quickly read the thread of texts. He blushed every time he read the texts from Y/N. " Looks like you've got a date tomorrow, Cochise, " I said happily before holding back a chuckle. " W-Why did you do this? " Chris asked angrily.

       " Dude, it was in your best interest, " Mike stated. Chris sighed then got up. " I'm going to call an Uber. I'll pick up my car tomorrow, " he said solemnly. He grabbed his keys and walked out. " He just doesn't understand what we just did for him, " Mike stated. " Y-Yeah, " I replied.

Chris's POV

( Right After His 3:15 Class )

       I have thirty minutes to get ready. I drove over to my apartment and changed my clothes. I quickly got my hair ready then drove over to Y/N's apartment. I knocked on the door. She opened it and poked her head out. " Hey, Chris, " she said happily as she opened the rest of the door. She was wearing a crop top and short shorts. I felt my heart racing.

       " Are you going to come in or stand at my doorstep all day? " she joked with a smile. " Oh, " I replied. She stepped out of the way and I walked in. She led me to her bedroom where she had her computer box. " You think you can set it up? "  she asked. " This should be a piece of cake, " I said happily. She hugged me quickly. " Thank you, Chris. I don't know what I would do without you, " she said happily.

       " Wow, your heart is racing, " she said softly. I quickly pulled away and she smiled warmly at me. I sat down in her chair. I started unpacking her computer. " Want some lemonade? " she asked happily. " Sure, that sounds great, " I replied happily. She hurried towards the kitchen. I got the computer unboxed and mostly set up by the time Y/N got back.

        " Wow, you're really fast, " she said happily. She placed a coaster on the desk along with the lemonade. " Thanks, Y/N, " I said happily. She sat beside me in another chair and watched happily as I worked on the computer. It took me another five minutes to finish. " And... Done, " I said happily. I got up and she hugged me again. " How can I repay you? " she asked happily.

        " I mean, I myself, can think of many ways like- " I began. She kissed me softly. I immediately froze. I had never kissed anyone before. She made me crazy for her when she pulled away. " How does the first kiss feel? " she asked. My eyes filled with lust. I tackled her onto the bed. I kissed her passionately. " C-Chris~ " she gasped.

Your POV

       He kissed down my jawline and neck. My heart was pounding. He sucked on my neck until a small red spot formed. " Chris~ " I began again. He kissed me softly. I lightly pushed him off of me. " I love you, Y/N. I love you so much. I have loved you since fourth grade, " he blushed. " I-I- love you, too... Chris, " I stuttered in reply. He kissed me once more. Wow.

Author's Note: Yes, another X Chris. Next will be an X Josh as requested. If anyone else has requests feel free to request it! Love you guys!

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