Slap ( X Matt )

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Your POV

       I walked down the noisy main hallway at our high school. I noticed Matt talking to Emily near my locker. Matt's locker was almost right next to mine. I went up to my locker and opened it. I couldn't stop myself from looking at Matt. He looked at me and blushed. I quickly looked away, not noticing that Emily saw Matt blushing.

" What are you doing? " Emily asked angrily. I looked at her and she was glaring at me.

" Why are you gazing at my man? "

" I-I- wasn't E- " I stuttered before she slapped me. I stumbled back and grasped my stinging cheek.

" What was that Em? " Matt asked furiously. Matt hurried to me and lightly removed my hand. There was blood on it. Apparently, Emily's fake nail cut my cheek.

" Let's get you to the nurse. Emily, we are through. I can't believe you would hurt my friend like that. " Emily stood there speechless as Matt rushed me to the nurse's office. The nurse cleaned my cut then gave me a band-aid. When I walked out Matt was waiting for me with his hands on his lap.

" Hey, Matt. " He looked up at me and saw the large band-aid on my cheek.

" I'm so sorry. Emily went way too far. "

" It's fine, I guess. "

" Let me make it up to you. "

" How will you- " Matt kissed me my hands dropped to my sides in shock but I kissed back.

" I like you, Y/N. "

" I like you too. "

Author's Note: Requested by team10loverxox

~ Please Read, Important! ~

So, I've been doing some reading about the Until Dawn roleplay book that some of you wanted me to make. I wanted to know if you guys would rather play as the characters or play as original characters in a similar situation as well as having a Josh character. Please respond so I know. Love you guys! 💖

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