Night ( X Mike )

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Your POV

       I was trying to sleep. I had a job interview the next day and needed sleep. I felt someone place there hand on my shoulder. I jumped up and saw Mike. I set my head back on my pillow. " Mike you scared m- wait, why are you here? " I asked. " You told me I could come over any time and that the spare key was in your plant pot, " he said happily. " I didn't mean scare me in the middle of the night, " I replied angrily.

       " I'm sorry, " he kissed me softly. He climbed on top of me and kissed me again. " Do you want me to leave? " he asked with a smirk. I pushed him off of me and he landed next to me. He looked shocked. " You can stay, but I have to go to sleep, " I stated. He quickly took off his shirt and kissed me. " Mike~ " I said softly. I pushed him off of me again. " I have to sleep.

      I turned the opposite way. He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me towards him. I felt back touch his chest. My stomach dropped. He nibbled on my ear softly. I pushed him back. " One more time, I dare you. You'll be sleeping on the couch, " I stated angrily. " Feisty, " Mike replied. He clawed at my tank top. My stomach dropped again. He purred when I didn't stop him. " Mike you are so cheesy, get on the couch, " I laughed. He kissed a trail up my neck and to my mouth. " Fine you can stay, but I need to sleep, " I replied.

        He sighed and laid down next to me. He kissed my cheek before pulling me back against his chest. I turned and rested my head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist. " I love you, " he said softly. " I love you too, good night, " I replied, slightly annoyed.

( The Next Day, Near The End Of Your Interview )

        " Thank you for your time Mrs. L/N but you don't seem to be the right fit for the job, " he said. " O-Ok, thank you, " I said as I stood up to leave. I climbed into my car and cried. " Stupid! Stupid stupid stupid! " I said angrily. I drove back to my apartment.

       I opened the door. I slammed it behind me and collapsed on the couch. Mike walked in and kneeled beside me. " Hey, babe. Are you okay? " he asked softly. I looked up at him and he frowned. He lifted my head up and sat down. He placed my head on his lap. " I'm sorry babe, but the real people who should be sorry are the jerks that didn't hire you. They missed out on an opportunity to work with the smartest, funniest, and prettiest girl in the world.

       He kissed me slowly. I took a deep shaky breath. " Thanks, Mike, " I said softly. My eyes examined the look on his face, not knowing what to do. He kissed me again. " I love you. You'll find an even better job soon. I promise you. "

Author's Note: So... Uh... Requests? I don't know. Love you guys! 💖

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