Prom V.1 ( X Mike )

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Your POV

       I was walking down the hallway towards my locker. I heard heavy footsteps behind me. Once I got a locker someone flipped me around and pushed me against it.

" Hey, beautiful, " Mike said softly.

" Hi, Mike, " I said as he wrapped an arm around my waist. He kissed me softly and pulled me close to him. He continued to kiss me as his hand began to slide up my shirt.

" Mike! " I stopped him. He sighed and gave me a quick kiss.

" Check your locker. " I gave him a slightly confused look before turning to my locker. I opened it and a note card fell to the floor. I picked it up and Mike spun me around.

" What does it say? " he asked with a small smile.

" Y/N, " he said it at the same time as me, " would you like to go to prom with- "

" Me? " Mike stated what I couldn't. I looked up at him and froze for a second.

" Yes! " I hopped onto Mike's waist and kissed him. I can't wait.

( Prom Night )

       I finished getting my makeup on and heard my dad talking to Mike. He knew about Mike. All the dads in our town knew him, and they weren't exactly fond of him.

" I swear if you do anything to my daughter besides dance with her tonight... And maybe kiss her since your her, " my dad gulped, " boyfriend, trust me I will- "

" Mike? " I asked innocently as if I hadn't heard the conversation. Mike stood up as I walked down the stairs. He gave me a slightly thankful smile but his eyes were black with lust. My mom rushed up with her camera and made us pose for photos.

" Okay, now a funny one! " Mike picked me up and I squealed. He laughed as my mom took the photo. Mike set me down and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

" Have her back by ten! " My dad said.

" Dad! "

" Fine, um... Eleven thirty, that's the latest. " Mike smiled and lead me out.

" Yes of course sir. No later than Eleven-thirty. " Mike smiled as we hopped in a limo his parents rented. Immediately as we got in the limo Mike pulled me in for a long, lingering kiss. We arrived at Prom and Mike opened the door for me. We arrived and immediately saw Josh and Chris, dateless.

" Did you not ask Ashley out? " I asked Chris. He kicked at the floor nervously.

" No. " Josh looked at me and smiled.

" I'm single as always. " Mike wrapped his arm around my waist.

" Well I've got my beautiful girlfriend with me and I'm gonna take advantage of that by taking you to the dance floor. Mike whisked me away and started dancing with me. After maybe an hour of dancing Mike leaf me off the dance floor and to a secluded corner. It was kind of close to the freshman boys hang out and the boys just looked at me.

" Scram! This my girl, dweebs, " Mike said angrily when he caught them staring at me. They ran off and he smiled at me.

" Good, its back to normal. I've got you all to myself. " Mike immediately kissed me. His hands were on my hip and the wall behind me. My arms were around his neck.

" Mr. Monroe! " A teacher yelled. Mike pulled away and looked back.

" I-I'm sorry Mr. Simmons. Just trying to have a good time. " He gave Mike an unamused look then sighed.

" You know the rules, Mr. Monroe. If I catch you doing this again I'm kicking you out. " Mike nodded then led me away. He gave me a sad look.

" I'm sorry that happened. "

" Its fine, I'm just glad I'm here with the best boyfriend I could ever wish for. "

" I love you, Y/N. "

" I love you, too. "

Author's Note: I'm gonna make one of these for each guy then I'm gonna make Christmas ones. Love you guys!

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