Winner ( X Josh )

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Your POV

       I was watching a new game show on our tv. It was Josh and I's tv since we lived together. I heard the door downstairs close and the jingling of Josh's keys as he climbed the stairs. I continued to watch the tv though I anticipated the moment of Josh walking through the door. They were close to announcing the winner when Josh walked in.

       He set his bag and unclipped his keys from his belt loop. He then placed those on the floor next to his bag. He climbed into bed next to me. " hey, baby, " he said softly, " what are you watching? " I kissed his cheek, " I honestly can't remember. " He scooted down the bed until his head was at my stomach. He lifted my shirt and started kissing up my stomach. " Josh~ they're about to announce the winner, " I stated, trying to keep my eyes on the screen. " You've got me so you're the real winner, " he said softly.

          I looked down at him and cupped his cheek, forcing him to look at me. I stared into his beautiful eyes for a second. I then pulled him in for a long, passionate kiss. I sat up and climbed onto his lap. I ran a hand through his hair slowly. He flipped me onto the bed. " Josh! " I said happily. He turned to my neck and gave me little love bites. " My brother is going to hate you when he sees these love bites tomorrow, " I stated.

      " Who cares, " he whispered softly into my ear. He continued to give me love bites until it felt as if my entire neck was red. He started nibbling on my ear. " J-Josh~ " I stuttered as he kissed down my jawline. He finally made his way back to my lips. I tugged on the collar of his button up and he quickly started unbuttoning it. He climbed back on top of me then I heard yipping. " Josh, Maxie is at the door, " I stated. " And? " Josh asked. " Did you walk him today? " I asked. " N-No, but come on- " he begged as he leaned in for a kiss.

      " We need to walk him or he'll be yipping all night, " I stated. " Really Y/N? " he asked as he kissed down my neck. I almost gave in. " Y-Yes, " I stated agitatedly. " Fine, " he replied with a sigh. He got up and fixed his shirt. I opened the door and let Max, our puppy, inside our room. Max immediately curled up against my leg. " Hey, " I said softly as I walked up to Josh. He looked down at me and I cupped his cheek.

        " If we walk Maxie now, and you shape up when we see my friends. I will reward you tonight, you got that? " I asked with a serious tone. He nodded quickly and I giggled. I kissed him softly. He stared directly at me as I pulled away. I picked Max up off the ground. " Come on Maxie, " I said softly. I walked downstairs with Josh in tow. Josh helped me fix Max's leash then I set Max down. I grabbed Josh's hand and our fingers intertwined. He missed my cheek. " Let's go, " I said happily.

Author's Note: I know its late! I'm sorry! I was really busy and I'm going to try and get another one out for my readers who have pacific standard time you'll probably get this tomorrow. I know I still have a request to fill out I just haven't been able to figure out the chapter yet, if that makes sense. Love you guys! 😘

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