Christmas ( X Mike )

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Your POV

         Mike and I were going to Chris's Christmas party. We have been engaged for a couple months and have been planning our wedding for about as long. We are finally getting a break and I'm so happy.

      We arrived at Chris's house and hurried up to the door. I had his and Ashley's gifts in my hand and Mike had his arm around my waist as he knocked on the door.

" Hey, Mike! Y/N, looking beautiful as always. Thanks for coming. Mike, you were gonna be Santa for all the kids, right? " Chris asked. I giggled before looking up at Mike in confusion.

" Yes, Sir. " Mike kissed my cheek before we walked inside.

" Aunt Y/N! Uncle Mike! " Toby, Chris's toddler yelled. He ran up to Mike and jumped into his arms. Mike grunted softly as he lifted him up.

" Hey, Tobster. You've got so much bigger from when I last saw you. " Toby giggled at his stupid nickname and hugged Mike again. Toby jumped down then hugged my leg. Mike chuckled before giving me a quick kiss.

" Toby, go back in the Den with Danny and Vanessa, " Chris said happily as he came back with two beers in hand.

" Okay. Bye! " he said happily before running off.

" And for you Y/N, I brought a beer, since Mike is gonna be Santa he can't drink right now. We're all out in the backyard... Besides Matt and Em, they haven't arrived yet. " We all headed out and Mike opened the beer for me. He attempted to take a sip but I quickly pulled it away from his mouth.

" Hey! " he chuckled.

" None for you, Santa, " I smiled before taking a sip.

" Guess I'll have to catch up later, " he winked. Mike gave me a kiss. He backed me into the bar but I stopped him.

" Mike we are at a party. You can last a couple hours without making out with me. "

" Can I? "

" Yes, " I replied, giving him a quick kiss. He stared at me as I walked up to Josh and Sam, wrapping my arms around them.

" Hey lovebirds, I hear you guy's recently had your anniversary, " I started happily. Josh turned and hugged me.

" Y/N, It's so good to see you. Where's Mike? " Josh said happily.

" More so, when's the wedding? " Same asked. Mike walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist as Josh pulled away from the hug. Mike rested his head on my shoulder and smiled at Josh and Sam.

" I heard. We're still working on the details guys. It's gonna be sometime in May... If it all goes according to plan. "

" I can't wait! You know, the rest of us have been waiting years for you to join the Married club! " Same raised the roof a couple times while cheering happily.

" Come on, all the girls here know Mike is afraid of commitment, " Jessica stated as she walked up with her boyfriend Dexter.

" Says the girl who is making her way towards her third husband, back off Jessica, " Matt said, he arrived minutes ago with Emily.

" No, Matt. Jessica is right. Mike is a real di- "

" Stop fighting! You are bad examples for all our kids! I just wanted us to get together and have fun! We haven't all been under the same roof since... Hannah and Beth died. That was 17 years ago! Can we please get along? " Chris yelled angrily. Everyone was silent.

" Daddy? " we all turned to see Toby at the door. He saw the whole thing.

" Toby, let's get back inside. Santa is coming to see you guys soon, " Chris said as he set his completely full beer on the bar and ran up to Toby. Chris picked him up and hurried inside.

Josh hugged Sam and cried lightly into her shoulder at the thought of Hannah and Beth. I turned to Mike and hugged him. I clutched his shirt and cried a little.

" I have to go dress up as Santa soon, Y/N. Wanna come with me? "

" Yes, " I replied. We headed inside and Mike told me to wait in the nursery. I headed in and saw Chris playing with the kids.

" Hey, Chris, " I said before sitting next to him. He fixed his glasses before smiling down at me.

" I missed you the most you know. You and Josh were the most important people in my life after Ashley. You two got us together in the first place. I don't know how I could ever repay you two, " Chris stated, " I just wanted to get everyone back together. "

Danny stumbled into my lap. He was five so only a little older than Toby and the same age as Vanessa.

" Hi, Danny, " I giggled as I heard the door open.

Mike's POV

I walked in and saw Y/N playing with Danny. I'm so ready to have a kid with her. We aren't even married stop it brain!

Your POV

" Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas! " Mike yelled happily. Chris and I laughed as the kids cheered.

" Santa! " they cheered. Mike sat on the chair and sat on the chair in the nursery.

" Everyone get in line to sit on Santa's lap! " Chris stated happily. I watched cheerily as Mike gave each if the kids little toddlers. He looked up at me with a glint in his eye. I love him.

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