Saved ( X Chris )

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Your POV

       Ashley was afraid Chris might be in trouble. I tried to stop her but she ran outside. I chased after her and grabbed her arm to stop her from running. " Ash, stop! " I stated. I heard a loud screech and Ashley ran for the lodge. " Ash, stay still! " I yelled. A Wendigo appeared from the forest. It got close to Ashley. I know Chris loves her. I decided I would rather have Chris be happy with Ashley than sad without her. " Hey! " I yelled. I instantly regretted it. " Ashley, run! " I screamed before the Wendigo got to me. It shoved me to the floor. It trapped my throat and held it so I couldn't breathe.

       I felt myself fading. " Y/N! " I heard Chris yell. A loud gunshot caused my ears to ring. The Wendigo got off of me and ran away. I took a long, deep breath. Chris ran up to me. He tried to say something to me but I couldn't hear him over the constant ringing. He lifted me to my feet and ran me to the door. He shot a bunch of barrels and they exploded causing a couple Wendigos to die.

       Chris pounded his fist on the door. " Ashley! Sam! Mike! Open the door! Please! " my hearing had slowly come back.  Sam appeared at the door and opened it for us. I felt my legs give out as we got inside. " Y/N! " Chris yelled nervously. He lifted me up bridal style and carried me down to the bunker. He set me down on one of the tables. I hugged him quickly.

         " Why were you outside? " Chris asked softly. " Ashley ran outside. I tried to stop her and a Wendigo showed up. I know you like her so I thought if she died you wouldn't be able to live with yourself so I saved her by attracting the Wendigo to me, " I stated. " I don't like Ashley, " Chris stated.

        " What? " I asked softly. " I like you, " he stated softly. He kissed me and I immediately kissed back. I pulled away and hugged him. " Thank you for saving Ashley though. We've been friends forever and I would've been very sad if she died, " Chris stated.

       " You saved me, I guess you paid me back, " I said happily. I kissed him again and ran a hand through his hair. He pulled and sighed happily. " Y/N we have known each other for years. I've had a crush on you for just as long. I have to ask, will you be my girlfriend? " he asked softly. " Yes! " I said happily. He kissed again. My crush has actually had a crush on me. Wow.

Author's Note: Next will be a part two to the Odd One Out one-shot. This chapter was requested by Boosational. I think. I hope you liked it correct me if I'm wrong. Any Requests? Love you guys! 😂💖

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