Snow ( X Josh )

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Your POV

       It was the middle of winter at our college. Josh smiled down at me. He quickly lifted a snowball from the snow and hit me with it. " Ah! " I screamed as I fell off the bench. He laughed. I quickly rolled a snowball in my hands and threw it at Josh. " Hey! " he laughed. I ducked behind a tree as he got another snowball ready. I quickly grabbed a snowball off the ground. I threw it at Josh and ran to another tree.

        " Come on Kitten, come out come out, wherever you are, " he said softly. I giggled and he heard me. He quickly ran around the tree and grabbed me by my waist. " I got you! " he said happily. " I surrender! " I screamed. He dropped the snowball and leaned against the tree. He nibbled on my ear slowly. " Josh, please~ " I began. He kissed down my neck. He rested his head on my shoulder. I turned and kissed his cheek.

        " Why don't we head back to our apartment? " he asked with a smirk. I pulled away from his hug and turned to face him. " Is that a yes? " he asked happily. I quickly knelt down and grabbed the snowball he dropped. I threw it at Josh and it hit him straight in the chest. " Now you're gonna get it, " he laughed. I ran down the pavement as he chased after me.

       He tackled me onto the snow. " Josh! " I screamed. He kissed me quickly as he formed a snowball in his hand. " Truce? " I asked as I sat up. " Never! " he yelled happily as he shoved the snowball down my shirt. I screamed as I stood up and shook it out of my jacket. " Josh! That was too far! " I said angrily. His smile immediately faded.

       I turned around and crossed my arms. " Y/N, I'm sorry, " he said solemnly. I shook my shoulders again trying to get the last of the snow out. He tried to wrap his arms around me but I shrugged him off. " Awe, come on Y/N, " he said softly. I stormed over to my backpack and picked it up. " I'm going back to the apartment, " I said angrily. " You can't just walk home. I drove you here, let me drive you back, " he begged. I turned to face him. He cupped my cheek. " Please, I'm sorry, " he stated. He kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck. " How do I really know you're sorry? " I asked. He pulled away and grabbed a snowball of the ground. " Would you rather I shoved it down my shirt or my pants? " he asked with a large smile.

       I giggled to myself. " Both, " I replied happily. " What? " he asked. " I'll get your shirt, " I said happily. " Y/N really? I love you but- " I started recording on my phone. " 3, 2, " I began. " Y/N, " he continued. " 1! " I said happily as I dropped the snowball down his shirt he put his down his pants then screamed. " Y/N, its freezing! " he yelled. I laughed as he did a little dance trying to get the snowball out of his pants.

        He finally got it out and I continued to laugh. " D-Do you forgive me n-now? " he asked. I kissed him softly as I stopped the recording. " I will after I post this on insta, " I stated happily. " Awe, come on, " he begged. I quickly posted it. " Now I forgive you, " I stated happily. He kissed me again and I grabbed his arm. " Let's go home, Josh, " I said softly. " I was hoping you would say that. "

Author's Note: This was requested by S4mSepi0l. I hope you like it. I think this might be my last one for the day which means I will probably write three or four of these tomorrow so feel free to request! Love you guys! 💖

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