Competition ( X Mike )

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Trigger Warning: I'm just going to say cursing because I don't know how to describe it.

Your POV

        I just finished hanging up a poster for my campaign. I was running for class president. I turned to see my competition, Mike Munroe, with his friend Josh. They were messing with my poster. " Hey! " I said angrily as I walked up. " Just doing the world a favor, " he said happily. Josh chuckled.  " Stop messing with Y/N's posters or I will beat you up, Mike, " Matt said as he walked up. " Hey, meathead! You're not part of this! " Mike said angrily.

       Matt quickly readied his fist and Mike didn't flinch. " Stop fighting! All of you! " one of our teachers demanded. Matt sighed. " I wasn't fighting, Mr. Myers. Y/N was picking the fight, "  Mike stated. He gave me a smirk. " I saw the whole thing from the cameras, Munroe. Don't even think about lying to me again, " he said angrily. " Y-Yes, sir, " Mike replied. I then gave Mike a small smirk.

        " Monroe, if you keep vandalizing Mrs. L/N's posters you will get a detention and be kicked out of the election. We don't want that to happen, do we? " Mr. Myers asked. " N-No, sir, " Mike replied. Josh chuckled as Mr. Myers left. " Wow Mike, nice one, " he said happily.

      " Y/N, can I talk to you? In private? " Mike asked. " Why would I- " he grabbed my arm and led me away. He pulled me behind the back wall. He shoved me into it. " Mike what are you- " I began angrily. " Just... Shut up! " he replied. " We need to stop with this arguing, just because we are competition doesn't mean we can't be friends, " he stated. He took off his jacket and tied it around his waist. " I-Is it really hot or is it just me? " he asked. " Mike... Are you nervous? " I asked. " M-Me... No! " he replied nervously.

      I crossed my arms. " If there is something you want to say to me, just say it. Don't waste my time with your childish antics, " I demanded angrily. " I can't, " he replied. " Why not? " I asked. " Because I don't know if you feel the same way, " he stated. I blushed. " Okay, I'm going to- " I began. He kissed me softly.

        My eyes widened but my heart made me melt into the kiss. He seemed surprised that I kissed back. He placed one hand on the wall and the other on my waist as he continued to kiss me. I jumped onto his waist and his hands slowly found their way down to... I slapped his hand and he moved it back to my hip. I ran a hand through his hair and he started to slide his hand up my shirt. I stopped him again. The bell rang. " I have to get to class, " I stated. " We can skip one class, " he replied softly. " No, I cant. Maybe you can but not me, " I stated. " Please, " he begged, " just a couple more minutes. " I quickly pushed myself off of Mike. " I have to get to class and you need to learn some self-control, " I stated. He sighed as I walked off. Geez, that was... Different.

Author's Note: Another chapter out! I'm going to try to do two today and tomorrow. I hope you guys liked it! I have one more request to do then I'll be free to do any other ones if you guys want to request anything! Love you guys! 💖

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