Be My Valentine ( X Chris )

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Your POV

       I walked down the hallway with a couple letters in my hand. One was very special. It was for Chris. Okay, okay, call me crazy for being a cheerleader that likes the least popular nerd in school. I don't even know if I can tell him. I'm so nervous. Luckily we get some time in eighth period to hand out our Valentines. I might give him it then. I saw Chris and waved at him. He quickly turned to his locker and opened it. I giggled to myself as I found Sam and Jess.

Chris's POV

      I walked down the hallway with a single letter in my hand. It's for Y/N. She's so beautiful, smart, funny, and... Sadly out of my league. I wish so much that she'd like me. At least she notices me. I saw her walking down the hallway and she looked at me. She waved with her amazing smile.

      I immediately blushed and ran to my locker. I opened it and hid my face. I heard her cute giggle as she walked off. I noticed that I dropped my letter. I got a tap on the shoulder and hoped it wasn't Y/N.

" Chris, I think you dropped this. " I sighed in relief. It was Mike. Wait, it's Mike! I turned around quickly and tried to grab the letter. Mike tossed it to Josh.

" Wow, Cochise. Finally admitting your crush on Y/- " I covered his mouth reducing his joy to mumbles. He laughed as I pulled my hand away. He handed me the letter.

" Go get her, Cochise, " Josh gave me a pat on the back before shoving me towards her. He knew I wasn't ready. He was trying to be encouraging.

Your POV

     I was walking with Same and Jess down the hall and they were teasing me about Chris.

" Hello, Ladies, " Josh said as he wrapped his arms around Sam and I's shoulders. He kissed Sam on the cheek as Mike walked up to Jess. He gave her a kiss ad they exchanged Valentine's day gifts.

" I feel like a fifth wheel guys. " Josh laughed.

" Go find Chris then. "

" Josh! " Mike stated. Josh froze.

" Nevermind. "

" No, what do you mean? " I asked.

" Nothing. "

" Josh, whatever it is, tell her or you're being shut out for the rest of the week, " Sam stated. Josh sighed.

" I slipped up but, Chris likes you. "

" Really? "

" Yeah. He has had the biggest crush on you since middle school. " I blushed deeply and hid my face with my hands.

" Do you like him back? " Mike asked happily.

" W-What? Me? No! " I stuttered while lying.

" You totally like him! " Josh yelled.

" Shut up! " I screamed. The bell rang.

" See you in eighth period, Y/N. It's time to play Cupid, " Josh smiled then shot an imaginary arrow at me. I headed to class along with everyone else.

( Eighth Period )

I was starting at the back of Chris's head all class. I sat two rows behind him and Josh sat two seats to the left of me. He looked over at me just as Mr. Bravo announced it was time to hand out Valentine's day gifts. Josh then nodded towards Chris and I shook my head. I was too nervous. I sighed and rolled his eyes before getting up. He walked over to Chris.

Chris's POV

      I felt Josh clasp my shoulder. I turned to face him a and he was smiling giddily.

" What Josh? "

" It's time to tell Y/N, you like her. "

" I don't know, Josh. What if she doesn't like me? "

" I can guarantee you, she likes you, man. "

" A-Are you sure. "

" One hundred percent. " I took a deep breath before walking towards Y/N. "

Your POV

       I gave a couple of the meaningless " Happy Valentines Day " cards to my friends. The only card that was left was the one for Chris.

" Y/N? " Chris asked from behind me. I turned to see him with a card in his hand.

" Yeah, Chris? "

" I got you a card. " He handed it to me. It was in a nice red envelope with a heart sticker holding it closed. I blushed a little as I opened it. I already knew what was coming. I read it in my head

Dear Y/N,

      I've had a crush on you since 6th grade. You are so beautiful and talented. I love the way you laugh and you smile. I don't expect you to like me back because I'm just the nerd who doesn't pay attention in climbing class. I giggled. I just wanted to ask will you be my Valentine?


" Yes. "

" What? " He asked. I handed him my card and smiled.

" I will be your Valentine. "

Author's Note: Three characters left in the Until Dawn roleplay book. Go check it out! See if you want to be them. I believe it's Jess, Matt, and Josh. Tell me if you want to be them. Love you guys!

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