Forbidden Love ( X Josh )

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Your POV

       Hannah and Beth told me to never date Josh. No matter what. I couldn't help but develop a crush on him. The forbidden crush. " Hey, Y/N? Do you know where Hannah and Beth went? " Josh asked, snapping me out of my trance. I sat up. " J-Josh? " I asked nervously. " Yeah, it's me, " he chuckled. " I-I- don't know where Hannah and Beth went. They might've gone to their rooms. They just told me they were going to get my birthday present and that it might take a while, " I stated.

       " It's your birthday? " Josh asked happily as he sat on the chair beside me. " Yeah, Hannah and Beth wanted us to celebrate by hanging out at the pool and I've just been sitting here alone, " I stated. Josh looked at the pool and smiled. " Well, now you've got me. Wanna go in the pool? " he asked. " Sure, " I replied nervously.

       He lifted his shirt. " You already got swim trunks? Were you planning this? " I asked with a smile. " Maybe, " he replied. I got undressed down to my bathing suit and I hopped into the pool. Josh walked over to the diving board. " Look out below! " he yelled happily before jumping in. I got splashed as he landed.

        " Josh? " I asked when he didn't come up from the cannonball. " Josh? " I asked again. I felt him under me. He pushed up and I was forced to sit on his shoulders. " Josh! " I screamed. He laughed as I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck. " Did I scare you? " he asked happily. " Y-Yes, " I replied nervously. " I'm sorry, " he apologized. I rested my head on top of his. " It's okay, " I replied. He helped me off of his shoulders.

       Josh turned to face me. " Y/N, " he began. " Yeah? " I asked. " Happy birthday, " he said softly. " Tha- " I began. He kissed me softly. My heart almost beat out of my chest. Hannah and Beth are going to kill me. " Y/N, we're back! " Beth yelled from out front. I quickly pulled away from Josh. " I'm not supposed to like you, you need to leave... Now, " I said quickly. He gave a confused smile before following my orders.

       He grabbed a towel and headed for the door. He turned to face me and gave me a salute. I giggled and gave him a wave. Hannah and Beth walked in with a cake. " Hey, sister from another mister, " Hannah said happily. " Josh get out here and wish Y/N a happy- " she stopped herself when she saw Josh's shirt on the bench. " Was Josh out here with you? " Beth asked. " N-No, " I replied as I climbed out of the pool. Josh walked out, fully clothed, as if nothing happened.

       " You called? " he asked with a smile. He fixed his hat, I could see his wet hair through the back of the hat. " Were you out here earlier? " Beth asked. " Does it look like I was out here? " he asked. " No... " Beth replied. " So, why am I out here? " he asked as he smiled at me. " It's Y/N's birthday, we wanted you to wish her a happy birthday, " Hannah stated. " Happy birthday, Y/N, " he said with a smile.

        " We have to get the rest of the stuff from the car, " Beth stated. " Do you want me to help? " Josh asked. " No just stay here, " Hannah replied. They both walked out front and left Josh and I alone. He cupped my cheek and kissed me slowly. " You're a good actor, " I stated happily. " My dad's a director. How did you get so good at lying? " he asked with a smile. " I guess I was born with that skill, " I replied happily. " Hannah and Beth can never find out about this, " I stated. " I know, they told me not to date you awhile back, " he replied happily.

      I kissed him again. " I love you, Josh. "

Author's Note: This wasn't requested but this is for S4mSepi0l because they were so patiently waiting for a X Josh and I only recently added one. Also, I'm so sorry I haven't been updating lately. I have been so busy and going through a lot of stress. Anyways, if you have a request feel free to request it though I may not get it out the day of. Love you guys! 💖

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