Scared ( Mike X Sam )

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Sam's POV

       We were at the lodge and found out that Josh was the Psycho all along. I felt myself shivering in fear when Josh tried to take a step towards me. Mike noticed my fear and quickly punched Josh. Mike pointed his gun at him. I ran over to Ashley and helped untie hears Chris started untying himself. Once we got everyone else out Mike grabbed Josh by the collar of his suit and pulled him upstairs.

       Chris took Josh while I talked to Mike. " What are you going to do to him? " I asked. " I wish I could kill him, he killed Jess. It's what he deserves but, probably just beat him up... Keep him there until dawn when we can call the cops, " he stated. " Mike, what if Josh didn't kill Jess? " I asked softly. " I-I- watched him do it. I watched him drag her away, " he stated.

        " Did you actually see him do it? " I asked, challenging his knowledge of what happened. " N-No, b-but what else could've killed Jess on this mountain? " he asked. " I don't know but we don't know that Josh did kidnap you and he messed with Ashley and Chris twice, " he stated.
       I looked up at Mike. I could tell he was sad. I didn't know what came over but... I kissed him. He was shocked when he pulled away. " Sam- " he began. " I'm sorry, I just saw you were sad and- " he kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I melted into the kiss. He didn't pull away this time so I had too. His hands were rested on my hips. " I love you, Sam, " he said softly. " I-I- l-love you too, " I replied nervously. He chuckled softly before kissing me again.

      " Mike, can you please help me with Josh? " Chris asked. Mike pulled away. " I'll see you later, " he whispered softly. " I'll be right over! " he stated. He gave one last quick kiss before running over to Chris. He looked back at me before leaving. He smiled warmly as he closed the door. I sighed happily then we all headed down to the bunker. I was scared but now... I feel safe.

Author's Note: I know it's a little short but... I have no excuse. I'm sorry. This was requested by DanielleCarinci. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll fix it. Any requests? Love you guys!

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