Odd One Out ( X Matt )

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Your POV

       Sam, my sister, was taking me up to the lodge with her friends. The only one of her friends that I knew was Matt. We used to be friends when I was a little girl. He is two years older than me but I've always had a crush on him. He stopped hanging out with me when he got a girlfriend last year.

       Sam told me Emily was threatened by me when it came to Matt but I didn't believe her. I had finished packing my bag and Sam led me to the bus stop. We rode on the bus for hours until we finally arrived at the lodge around eight at night. We walked up the path. I noticed three people bickering up ahead of us. " Mike! Emily! " Sam yelled. They turned around and I saw Matt. I immediately blushed.
      Mike walked over to us. " Hey, Sam. Who's this? " he asked as he bit his lip. " Back off Mike, I mean. Uh... Leave Y/N alone, " Matt said, he seemed jealous. Mike chuckled as he extended his hand out for a handshake. " I'm Mike, " he said happily. " N-Nice to meet you, " I replied nervously. I saw Matt glaring at Mike furiously. " I'm going to head out, I have to find Jess, " he stated happily.

       " Okay, see ya, " Matt stated. " See ya! " Mike replied happily. I looked over at Matt. " Hi Matt, " I said nervously with a small wave. He smiled and walked up to me. " Give me a hug it has been so long! " he said happily. I hugged him and looked over his shoulder. I saw Emily glaring at me. I pulled away from the hug quickly. " Y/N are you okay? " Matt asked. " Y-Yeah, " I replied. He picked up the bags he was carrying. " Well, you look beautiful in that outfit, " he said nervously. " Tha- " I began. " Come on Matt, let's get to the lodge, " Emily interrupted.

        " D-Didn't you want to talk to Jess and Sam? " I asked. Sam looked at Matt then to Emily. " Uh... Yeah, but I- " she began. Sam smiled at me, I knew she had a crazy plan to get Matt and I together. That's probably why she brought me on this trip. " Come on Emily, I'll help find Jess, " Sam grabbed Emily's arm. " But- " Sam pulled Emily away. " Wow, " I stated.

      Matt laughed. " Need help with your bag? " he asked. " I mean I can carry it but if you want to carry it, go ahead, " I said happily. He set one bag down and I handed him my backpack. " Remember, when we get to the top and you have back pain from carrying my backpack that you wanted to carry it and I didn't make you, " I stated happily. He laughed as he lugged my bags down the path. Every moment of silence was awkward for the both of us. I sighed. " Matt can I get something off my chest? " I asked nervously. Matt stopped and set the bags down. " Yeah, I need a break for my hands anyways, " he replied happily.

       " Okay, " I took a deep breath, " Matt. Ever since I turned thirteen I've... had a crush on you. " He went wide-eyed and blushed. " R-Really? " Matt stuttered nervously. " Yeah, " I replied nervously. He cupped my cheek, " I have too. " He kissed me softly. I felt my hands tingling. He pulled away and took my hands in his. " You're shaking, " he said softly. I thought back to minutes before when Emily glared at me. " What about your girlfriend? " I asked softly. " I- Emily doesn't even like me. She just uses me. I'm pretty sure we are only dating because she wants to get back at Mike, that or make him jealous, " I stated.

       He kissed me again. " Matt~ " I said softly. I felt his hands on my hips. " Let's get to the lodge, I'm freezing, " I stated softly. Matt took off his letter jacket. " Here, take my jacket, " he said softly. I quickly put it on. " Thanks but, your letter jacket? I recall you never letting anyone wear this jacket, " I stated happily. " Only you, " he replied softly. He kissed me again before picking up the bags. We headed off to the lodge. Emily is going to be pissed, but for some reason... I was fine with that. I can't believe my childhood crush just kissed me.

Author's Note: Hey, guys! This was requested by team10loverxox. I know this isn't exactly what you requested but... Hope you liked it. If anyone else has anyone requests feel free to request! Love you guys!

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