Dead or Alive ( X Chris )

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Your POV

        I stood helplessly as Chris ran out into the snow. He had to save Josh. I waited on the porch for a couple moments then I was about to head inside. I heard a loud screech like the wendigos. " Chris! " I screamed. I heard him yell, though it sounded faint. I reluctantly ran out into the snow knowing it was probably a death sentence.

       I called his name over and over again. I noticed a small circle of red in the snow. Not was the bracelet I had made Chris years ago next too... Blood. The bracelet was ripped as if it had been torn off. " Chris? " I asked nervously. I froze when I heard another screech.

       Chris had warned me; if I ever heard a screech I should have to stay completely still. I heard the wind blow as something flew past me. It was nothing more than a white streak it was moving so fast. Another flew by but this time stopped.

         It was a very tall and thin monster. It's eyes were pale and its skin almost blended in with the snow. It faced me. I held back the urge to scream as it got closer. Chris is dead and now I'm going to die. At least I'll get to see him again.

       I finished the bracelet and set it in a small gift bag. " I hope Chris likes it, " I stated softly. I walked out into the living room and started setting up for his birthday party. A couple hours later the guests finally arrived. " Hello everyone! " I said happily. Chris walled in last and noticed my dress. " You look beautiful as usual Y/N, " he stated with a smile.

       We gathered around to give Chris his presents near the end of the party. Chris sat next to me on the couch. I was the last one to give him his gift. I handed him the small gift bag. He opened it with a smile. " Y/N did you make this? " he asked happily. " Yeah, I did, do you like it? " I asked. " Of course, but do you know what would be a better gift? " he asked as he stood up.

      " What? " I asked. He took my hands in his. " If you would be my girlfriend, " he replied. Our friends were in shock. All but Josh, he was smiling proudly. " Yes, I-I- will, " I replied nervously. Chris pulled me up and I kissed him, quickly cupping his cheek. " Yes, Cochise! " Josh said happily.

       The wendigo stared me down. I heard a yell from down the road. The wendigo turned quickly and ran down the road. A shot rang in my ears. My vision became blurry with tears from fear and the memory of Chris. I saw a blue blob moving down the road towards me.

       I was still frozen in shock. The blob made its way toward me until it was right in front of me. It grabbed my arm. A familiar feel gave me goosebumps. Was it Chris? No, it can't be. He bent down and picked up the bracelet. " I love you, Y/N! We have to move! " he stated.

        " C-Chris? " I asked nervously. He kissed me quickly. The kiss lasted for about five seconds but that's all I needed to know that it was Chris. " I love you, " he stated. He pulled down the path at a quick pace. " Come on! We'll make it! " he stated. I was completely terrified. He pulled me down the path and we stopped in front of the lodge. I don't know why but there was another shot. It caused my ears to ring. I felt really warm for less than two seconds.

Chris's POV

        I shot some barrels causing them to explode and kill a couple Wendigos. " Come on Y/N! " I begged as I pulled her to the lodge. " Please! Ashley, Mike, anyone! Open the door! " I begged.

Your POV

       I saw Mike's frantic face as the door opened. I still couldn't hear a thing. Chris pulled me inside and down into a bunker. He sat me on one of the tables since there wasn't a chair and I looked up at him. He seemed to be talking but I could hear him. " I-I- can't hear you, " I replied though I couldn't even hear myself.

       He rushed to another table and grabbed a piece of duct tape. He tabe the bracelet back together around his wrist. I looked directly into his eyes. He cupped my cheek and pulled me in for a kiss. " I love you, Y/N. I wish you could hear me, " he stated. " I can now, and I love you too. "

Author's Note: Requested by Boosational. Another request next. Love you guys!

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