Shoot ( X Chris )

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Your POV

       Chris was taking me somewhere as a surprise. He had blindfolded me and helped me into his car. We had been driving for maybe fifteen minutes. " Now can you tell me where we are going? " I asked happily. " You'll know when we get there, " he replied cheerily. I rested my head on his shoulder. " We are almost there anyways, " he stated happily.

      Once we arrived he helped me out of the car. " Can I take off the blindfold? " I asked. He untied it for me. I let my eyes adjust to the sun. We were at a shooting range. " Tada! " he said happily. " This is so cool! " I said happily. " I know I didn't get to show off my skills to you at the lodge so... I decided I could show you here and maybe teach you how to shoot, " he said happily.

       We headed inside. Chris was handed a pistol. He handed me a pair of soundproof headphones and put a pair on himself. " Ready to be blown away? " he practically yelled. " Yeah! " I replied happily. He pointed the pistol at the targets, which were bottles. He shot each one with ease. " Woohoo! That was awesome! " I said happily. He set the pistol down and kissed me softly.

       He took one ear off. " Ready to try to shoot the bottles? " He asked happily. I nodded excitedly. The bottles were reset.

Chris's POV

       Y/N took the pistol in her hand and shot at the bottles once. She missed. She frowned solemnly. " Hey, you were close. You did pretty good for your first shot, " I said happily. I stood behind her. " I'm going to help you okay? " I asked. She nodded happily.

       I wrapped my arms around her and placed my hands on her. I felt her shake from chills. " I noticed you had one eye closed. Aim with both eyes open because if you only keep one eye open it will mess with the placement of the target in your mind. Does that make sense? It sounded weird to me, " I stated with a small chuckle. She giggled, " it kinda made sense. " I aimed the gun at one of the bottles. " And you need to calm down, you're shaking. Take a deep breath, " I said happily. She took a quick deep breath.

       " Ready? Shoot, " I said softly. She shot quickly and hit the bottle. " I did it! " she screamed happily. She set the gun down and spun around to face me. She jumped onto my waist and kissed me passionately. I chuckled to myself in between breaths. " I knew you could do it, " I said softly. " Chris, don't go all cheesy inspirational quote guy on me, " she giggled. " What? I'm just saying I believed in you, " I stated happily. " I love you, " she said softly. " I love you too. Maybe one day you will be as good as me, " I stated happily. " Or better, " she joked.

       " Oh no. No, no, no. I love you but I will never let you beat me in this, " I stated happily. " You won't have too, " she replied with a large grin. She hopped off of me and grabbed the pistol again. She pointed the gun at another bottle. It barely grazed the bottle and caused it to shatter. " Boom! " she said happily. I laughed. " Oh no you don't! " I replied. I ran over grabbed another pistol and started shooting out the other bottles. " Hey! " she giggled. We spent a couple hours joking around and " fighting " over who was better at shooting. I love Y/N so much.

Author's Note: This is the one book I will be working on during my " Break " so... Any requests? 💖💖💖

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