Pills ( x Josh )

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Trigger Warning: Swearing.
Your POV

I was knocking on Josh's door. It was a couple days before we left for our trip back to his lodge for the second time and I wanted to check in on him. I knew he had a mental illness and I was protective over him because of it. Josh didn't open the door. " Josh, are you home? " I asked. I decided to call his phone.

I heard his phone ringing from inside his house. " Josh? " I asked. I slid my hand under the welcome mat and grabbed the spare key. I unlocked the door and walked in cautiously. " Josh? " I asked. I looked around. He had a couple beer bottles on the bar table. Next, to the bottles, I saw a full container of pills. I examined the pills, they were given to him last week. I sighed, " Josh why aren't you taking your pills. "

I felt an arm wrap around my throat. " Who are you?! " Josh yelled angrily. " Josh... it's me... Y/N, " I stated in between small breaths. He let me go. " I'm sorry Y/N, I thought you were someone else, " he said softly. He walked up to his door and locked it. Who did he think I was.

I turned to Josh and grabbed his arm. I could tell I gave him chills. He blushed slightly. I could see that his eyes were wandering the room coming back to me every second. " Josh... are you okay? " I asked. " Yes, Y/N I'm completely- " he backed away from me, " no. No! Leave me alone! Leave Y/N alone! " He hunched down into a ball, covering his ears.

I knelt down next to him and grabbed his arm again. " Josh! " I shook his arm. Josh slapped me and I fell back on the floor. I winced in pain though it wasn't that bad. " Oh, fuck! " Josh said as he noticed what he did. " Y/N, I'm so sorry! " he continued. I didn't notice he had climbed on top of me to check the slap mark.

" It's fine Josh, but you are not. What was that? " I asked. He sighed, " just forget it ever happened. For my sake. " I nodded and now he just looked down at me. " Did you take your pills? " I asked. He shook his head. " They don't work anyways, " he stated.

He crawled off of me and sat on the couch. I could tell he was sad now. I knew just how to cheer him up. I sat next to him on the couch, letting my hand graze his.

Josh's POV

Chills went up my spine as Y/N's hand grazed mine. I took a deep, shaky breath. " One last question, " Y/N said happily. " Fine, go ahead, " I said, a little less sad because of her happy tone. " Are you a good kisser? " she asked with a giddy smirk. " What- " I began. Before I could process what happened she pulled me in for a kiss.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I set mine on her waist. She began to run her hand through my hair and I felt instant pleasure. She pulled away and smiled at me. " That was the best I've felt in a long time, " I stated softly. Y/N kissed me again and my heart dropped. She broke the kiss again. " You wanna watch a horror movie now? " she asked, again with a smirk.

She knew she provoking my romantic side. I was a sucker for these moments. When a girl gets scared and jumps to the guy for protection. I got this. " Yeah, sure, " I said happily. I gave her the remote so she could choose a movie and I headed into my kitchen. " You want a beer? " I asked happily. " Whatever you've got, I'll have it, " she said happily. I grabbed two beers and walked back over to the couch.

I sat next to Y/N and she smiled up at me. I popped the cap off of the beer and handed it to Y/N. " Thank you, " she said happily. I popped the cap off of mine as she turned on the movie. Right in the beginning, there was a really gory death and as I expected Y/N practically jumped into my arms.

I wrapped my arms around her as she buried her head in my chest. " You're safe with me, " I said softly. She looked up at me and smiled. I planted a soft kiss on her lips. Y/N rested her head on my shoulders and I wrapped an arm around her shoulders. " You're safe with me, " I repeated.

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