The Cure ( x Matt )

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Your POV

They put me into therapy immediately. I couldn't remember much that happened before I woke up in the hospital. I remember Chris telling me Mike was missing and I remember Mike himself. Everyone relied on me to find Mike because I was the last one with him.

They brought in who I was told was a hypnotist. She was supposed to help me bring back the memory of what happened to Mike. She had me lay down. Her voice was soothing. Everyone was standing near the doorway watching the hypnotist.

Soon enough my eyes were closed and I had drifted into a sleep state. " Okay, try to remember where you were last, " she said softly. Suddenly I saw Mike, he was terrified. " I'm with my boyfriend Mike. We are in a sort of hallway. He looks scared, " I explained.

Mike kissed me. " I need you to run as fast as you can, okay? " he asked. I shook my head, " no Mike, I don't want to leave you. " Mike grabbed my hand for what I assumed would be the last time. " I love you... now go, " he said softly. I ran down the hallway and the Wendigo saw me. " Hey, ugly! Over here! " Mike yelled. I started to cry as I heard the Wendigo rush towards Mike.

I ended up in a cave. I saw Matt. " Matt! Matt, please! " I tried to yell but my throat felt dry. He still heard me and turned around. " Y/N! " he said happily.

Matt's POV

" That's enough, I remember the rest, " every time Y/N talked in her dream she talked in the real world. Y/N sat up and had tears in her eyes. " M-Mike is d-dead, " she said softly. She started to cry and I ran up to her. I pulled Y/N in for a hug and she cried into my chest.

I rubbed her back slowly. " I can't believe he's gone, " she said softly. The hypnotist interrupted, " did you see him die? " She shook her head, " no... but I heard the Wendigo... rip into him. " She continued to cry. " I think that's enough, " I stated. " I still need to ask her some questions! " the hypnotist continued. I felt Y/N start shaking her head and heard a muffled, " no. "

" No, I think that's enough, " I said angrily. I led Y/N out to the door beside the fact that the hypnotist was yelling at me. I asked the lady at the front desk to call a cab for us then led Y/N outside. " Thanks, Matt, " she said as she looked up at me. " Anything for you, " I said softly.

I noticed she was shivering and gave her my letterman jacket. " Thanks again, " she said with a giggle. I leaned against the wall and rested my eyes for a second. How am I going to do this. She is my crush but she just lost Mike. There is no way I could- I felt her hand on my chest.

I opened my eyes for a quick second before I felt her lips on mine. It was a matter of milliseconds before she pulled. " Take that as my way of thanks for helping me through all this, " she said softly. " I will, but... sorry to ask. Are you really over Mike that quick? "

She shook her head, " no, its gonna take... a while before I get a boyfriend again but, I do like you. I just don't want to get into that yet. " I nodded and I grabbed her hands, " I get that, I really do... I lost Emily today too. I understand how you feel but, spare me another kiss to make me feel better? " She smiled, " sure. "

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