Tough vs. Me ( X Josh )

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Your POV

I walked into the house quickly and started crying. Josh walked in behind me and closed the door. For a moment he stood there, thinking of what to do. He quickly lifted me up bridal style.

" Come on, I know Mike makes you feel anxious but... He's a nice guy. I'm so proud of you for being able to meet all my friends. I know how you usually can't handle large crowds and such. I love you. " I buried my head in his chest.

" Come on, I know just the thing to cheer you up, " Josh stated cheerily. He laid me down on the couch and I grabbed his arm.

" Don't worry, " he chuckled softly, " I'm gonna be back in a second. " I curled up in a ball as I waited for him to return. I heard the freezer open and close before he came back. He sat on the couch next to me and lifted my legs onto his lap. I looked up at him and he lifted up two ice cream cookies with a small smile. I sat up and kissed him softly.

" You are the best boyfriend I could ever wish for. " Josh quickly lifted me onto his lap and I squealed happily. He kissed me for what felt like forever. It made me feel safe to be in his arms. Josh always seemed so tough and closed off. I was in awe at times at how nothing could affect him. He unwrapped the ice cream cookie and quickly smudged some of the ice cream on my nose.

" Hey! " I giggled. He quickly wiped it with his shirt.

" I'm- " he began before I smudged the ice cream on his cheek.

" I see how it is! " he said happily before trying to lick the ice cream off his cheek.

" Here, let me help you, " I giggled. I wiped his cheek and he grabbed my arm.

" Josh? " I asked nervously. He kissed up my arm and to my neck.

" Josh~ " I murmured softly. Josh let out a soft chuckle at my remark. He hummed a soft tone as he kissed down my jawline. He gave me a long, lingering kiss. I felt the ice cream cookie melting in my hand and pulled away. Josh noticed it and quickly ran to the kitchen.

" Here you are, " he started softly as he placed the cookie in the bowl.

" I love you, " I murmured.

Josh's POV

( Later, at night )

      Y/N and I were laying in bed. She was facing me and clutching a pillow in her sleep. She was shaking slightly. I grabbed her arm and pulled it off the pillow. She started shaking even more. I moved the pillow then pulled her close to me. She shook against my chest for a couple seconds before wrapping her arm around me. She wrapped one of her legs around mine and sighed softly. She looked up at me groggily, barely awake, and kissed me softly. I smiled down at her.

" Good night, " she said softly.

" Good night, I love you. "

Author's Note: Requested by UndertaleAuthor201X. Hope you like it and feel free to request another one. Love you guys! 💖

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