New Girl ( X Josh )

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Go check out rellishere's x Chris book. I just read some of her amazing book and it gave me a base for an idea of a one shot so after your done with this go check out their book! 💖

Your POV

        I hopped out of my mom's car. She smiled at me and waved as I looked back at her.

" Hope you have a good first day at school! " She yelled happily.

" Thanks, mom, love you! " I gripped my backpack straps tightly as I nervously walked through the front doors. After my meeting with the principal, I found my way to my locker.

" Okay, now I have to figure out this lock. " I fiddled with it for a little bit before a guy walked up to his locker beside me. He opened his locker immediately causing me to sigh in frustration.

" Hey, are you okay? " He asked in a soft tone. He looked me up and down with a slight smirk.

" No, I can't get my locker open and I don't understand the lock, it's so confusing! " I said angrily. He smiled.

" I'll help you if you tell me your name, new girl. "

" Is it that obvious? " I asked nervously. He chuckled and nodded.

" I'm Y/N. "

" I'm Josh, now, can you give me your locker combination I can get your locker open. "

" 1749, " I stated.

" Okay, 1... 7... 4... 9... " he mumbled as he fiddled with my lock.

" And done, " he said happily. He flipped my locker open. He smiled down at me as we somehow ended up closer to each other.

" Let's get to biology, Josh, " A guy in a Parka walked up to Josh.

" Oh, sorry. Hi, I'm Chris, " he stated nervously.

" See you at lunch, I guess. Meet me in the cafeteria, " Josh stated. I hugged him quickly and he smiled.

" Thanks for helping me out. My class is right down the hall according to the principal so yeah, I'll see you at lunch. " I discreetly kissed his cheek and blushed. I pulled away and he was blushing as well.

" A-Anytime. "

( Later, at lunch )

       I walked into the large cafeteria full of millions of tables. I took a deep breath. I felt an arm around on my shoulder and got slightly scared.

" Hey, Y/N. " It was Josh. He smiled down at me again with his cute smile.

" Come on, let's meet my friends, " he stated happily. We walked down the path until we arrived at a table with nine other people.

" Make room, Cochise. We've got a new member. " Chris slid down the table jumping into a red-headed girl. I sat beside Josh but we had to be close because of how squished the seat was.  There was a black-haired guy kissing a blonde. Then there were two twins talking next to a blonde girl drawing a horse. There was a jock, letterman jacket, with his arm wrapped around a black haired woman. Josh got them all to stop in two seconds.

" Guys, this is Y/N. She's new. " They all went around the table and introduced themselves. Suddenly a jock walked up behind Chris and grabbed his glasses.

" H-Hey! " Chris stuttered.

" Back off, Karavisky! " Josh said angrily. He set down Chris's glasses and smiled.

" Why don't you get out of my business, Washington? " He replied. Josh stood but was just a little shorter than Karavisky. Josh seemed a little intimidated but was trying to hide it. Karavisky shoved Josh and he fell back on me. Mike and Matt stood up and stopped Karavisky but Josh and I fell to the floor. Josh was merely inches above me.

" Are you okay? " He asked softly. I looked up at him and nodded.

" Y/N, I know we haven't known each other for that long but, I like you. " I froze as his lips got closer. Yes, I liked Josh but I have never kissed a guy. What if I mess this up? What if I scare him away? What if- Josh kissed me. He wrapped an arm around me as we sat up.

" You sure you're okay? I can take you to the nurse. "

" I'm good now and... "

" And? "

" I like you too, Josh. " I kissed him quickly. This is the best first day ever.

Author's Note: Inspired by rellishere. Go check out their amazing book. Love you guys! 💖

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