Prom V.3 ( X Josh )

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Your POV

Josh and I were taking an extracurricular Psychology class together because Josh was planning on studying that in college and I was there to help him. He was staring at me all class.

" Mr. Washington, eyes on your work! Not Mrs. L/N. " Josh and I both blushed as the class laughed at Josh. I reached down under the table and grabbed his hand. He looked at me and I smiled. He pulled his hand away after a while and hid a paper from me while he wrote on it. I giggled before he pushed it my way.


Yes No

I paused. Josh was staring at me again. I hid the paper from him. I circled one and folded it up. Josh gave me a confused look. I went to hand it to him but pulled it away quickly as he went to grab it.

" H-Hey! " Josh complained.

" Mr. Washington! Is there something you would like to share with the class? " Mrs. Horton stated angrily. Josh gave me a sly look.

" Y/N has a paper that she'd like to share with the class. " Mrs. Horton noticed the paper in my hand.

" Mrs. L/N. Hand over the paper. " The class ' Ooo'd ' me as I handed Mrs. Horton the paper. I sat back down next to Josh and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. He gave me the same smile from before.

" It says, Prom? Yes, No. With Yes circled. " Josh stood up and cheered

" Mr. Washington, sit down! " Mrs. Horton demanded. He sat and everyone laughed again. Josh wrapped his arm around my waist.

( Prom Night )

I was walking down the steps with my dress when Josh noticed me. He stopped the conversation with my parents and stood up.

" Well don't you look stunning? " Josh smiled.

" Have her back by curfew, " my dad started as we walked out. As soon as we got away from the view of the house Josh pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. I squealed as his hand wandered around my back.

" Josh, we haven't even gotten to the dance yet! " I stated.

" Fine, " he opened the door for me before we both climbed into the limo, where he tried to make out with me again three times.

We finally arrived and we both hopped out of the car. Josh wrapped his hand around my waist as we walked in. I could Josh was up to something when he was scouting the Punchbowl.

" Go distract Mr. Walter, I'm gonna spike the punch, " he smirked. My eyes widened as he shoved me forward causing me to bump into the ancient artifact that was Mr. Walter.

" Y/N? "

" Hey, Mr. Walter. I saw some guys getting closer than two feet apart to some girls in the halls. " I was nervous.

" Thanks for the tip, " he said before hurrying off. I wiped my brow and signed happily. Josh wrapped his arms around me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder.

" Nice one, L/N, " he smiled. I gave him a quick kiss, " If you ever make me do something like that again you're going to the doghouse for life. " His eyes widened.

" Fine, fine. Let's go get some punch. "

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