Nerdy ( X Chris )

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Your POV

( Math Class )

       I quickly finished the equation on my paper and shot up my hand. Chris did the same a second later. " Mrs. L/N, what was your answer? " Mrs. Morgan asked. I explained my answer and Chris just stared at me. I blushed when I looked over at him during the explanation. I felt butterflies in my stomach and immediately became nervous. " ... And- uh, " I stopped. The class erupted into laughter. Everyone but Chris.

      I stood up quickly and walked out. I sat on the floor in the hall and cried. I made a fool of myself because I had a crush on Chris. Mrs. Morgan walked out. " Are you okay, Mrs. L/N? " she asked. " Y-Yeah, " I got up and walked back inside. I sat back in my seat and sighed. " Y/N are you okay? " he asked as he saw that I had cried. He grabbed a small piece of his sleeve and wiped my eyes.

       " Y-Yeah, " I blushed. He smiled weakly then turned back to his notebook as Mrs. Morgan started talking.

( Chemistry )

      Chris and I were lab partners. We were set up near Mike and Matt. " Okay, now that you guys have heard the instructions see if you can reciprocate this on your own, " Mr. Seth said happily. Chris started messing with the chemicals. " Were you paying attention, Y/N? " he asked. " Yeah, I'm just distracted, " I stated. He looked down at me, confused. " N-Nevermind, " I continued.

        " Mike no- " Matt began. Mike poured a liquid into their test tube and it exploded into a blue puff of smoke. I screamed and jumped into Chris's arms. " Woah, Y/N! " he said frantically. My brain forced me to wrap my arms around him. My hands were glued to his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around my waist. " A-Are you okay? " he asked softly. I tried to pull away but his strong grip kept me in the hug. " Y-Yeah, " I replied, " It just scared me. "

        He rubbed small circles on my back and I listened to his heart slow as he calmed down. " Mrs. L/N. Mr. Hartley. Two feet apart! " Mr. Seth demanded. Chris let me pull away. I looked up at him quickly then back to the test tube. " Uh... What step were we on? " I asked. I quickly grabbed a vile and poured it in the tube. " Y/N! " Chris said frantically. He pulled me away from the tube. It exploded and a puff of blue smoke blew onto Chris's face. " I'm so sorry, " I apologized. He turned to me and had a completely blue face. His goggles were covered in the puff and he couldn't see. He coughed into his shoulder then took off the goggles. I giggled.

      " Wha-what're you laughing at? " Chris asked nervously. " Your blue face, " I said happily. He touched his face with three fingers then looked at his hand. He had blue powder on his fingers. He chuckled. I stood up on my tip toes and kissed Chris. He immediately turned bright red. " Back to your projects! Mr. Hartley, Mrs. L/N. Go grab more ingredients from the back. Mr. Munroe, Mr. Taylor... You two as well, " Mr. Seth demanded.

       " I-I'll get the materials, " Chris said nervously. I just stood still for a second as he walked off. I turned quickly and grabbed his arm. He looked at me, still blushing. " Chris, do you love me? " I asked in a soft whisper. " I always have and always will, " he replied. I let go of his hand and he smiled before walking off. I sighed happily.

       Chris came back with a bunch of small test tubes in his hand. " Can we follow instructions this time? " he asked happily. I grabbed his collar and stood up on my tip toes so I could be face to face with him. " I may get distracted again, " I said softly. I kissed him quickly when Mr. Seth turned to help Mike and Matt. " I love you, Y/N. "

Author's Note: This was kinda requested by team10loverxox. I know it's a little different from what you requested but I hope you like it anyways. Anymore requests anyone? Love you guys! 💖

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