Caught ( x Chris )

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Trigger Warning: Swearing
Your POV

It was dark and gloomy where I woke up. I suspected I was in the basement. My hands were tied behind my back and I was scared. " Hello, Y/N, " I heard an almost robotic voice call out. I tried to escape the chair. " Hope you're enjoying your stay, " he said. " Leave me alone! " I yelled.

The lights turned on and he was in front of me. I screamed. He covered my mouth. " Hush, your little boyfriend Chris won't find you here. No one will, " he said softly as he stared at me. I spit in his face though it seemed to not affect him.

He slapped me. My cheek burned. " Y/N? " I heard Chris call out. The psycho cracked his knuckles. " This is gonna be fun. Chris finding you makes this so much better, " he said happily. " Chris, no- " I yelled. I wanted to warn him but the psycho covered my mouth with a breathing mask. It released gas and I was knocked out.

Chris's POV

I found my way down to the basement. It was the last place I saw Y/N so it was the first place I'd check. " Y/N? " I called out. I waited a second before walking further. " Chris, no- " I heard her reply. " Y/N! I'm coming don't worry! " I yelled. I slowly started trekking through the labyrinth of a basement.

I heard footsteps. " Y/N? " I asked. There was no response. I quickened my step as I continued to search for Y/N. I opened a door and it led to a dark room. The lights turned on after I stepped in. I saw Y/N near the back of the room and I ran to her. I shook her until she woke up.

" Chris? Chris! " she said happily. I kissed her softly. " Don't worry, I'll get you out of this, " I stated. I ran around the chair and started to untie her. " Chris, Chris, Chris... how stupid of you to come down here, " I heard the Psycho behind me. I jumped up and caught his hand as he threw a fist at me.

" Chris! Are you okay? " Y/N asked nervously. I threw a punch at the Psycho and backed away. Y/N started trying to break free from the rope that kept her tied to the chair. The Psycho pushed me to the ground. I kicked his shin and he fell to the ground. I punched him in the face.

His mask flew off to reveal... Josh. " What the heck? " I said as I stood up. Josh groaned and grasped his cheek. " What the fuck Chris! You punched me in the face! " he yelled angrily. " You fucking kidnapped Y/N! You scared the shit out of Ash earlier too! " I yelled. I heard Mike in the basement. " Did you find Y/N, Chris? " Mike yelled.

" Yeah! I also found Josh! " I yelled. " What? I thought Josh was dead! " Mike yelled, " I'll be right over to you! " Josh tried to grab his mask but I kicked it away. " Sit down, Josh! Now! " I said angrily. I untied Y/N. As soon as I did she hugged me.

I kissed her temple as she cried into my chest. " You're okay now... don't worry. I'll never let Josh hurt you again, " I said softly. I glared at Josh and he frowned. Y/N was shaking. Mike rushed in and he saw Josh in the Psycho suit he pointed the gun at him immediately.

" Is he really the Psycho? " Mike asked. I nodded. He walked up to Josh. " You killed Jess! You fucking lunatic! How could you? " Mike asked, he seemed like he was going to cry. " I didn't- " Josh began. Mike punched him and Josh fell to the floor. " Let's get him away from everyone else, " Mike said.

He lifted Josh by his collar and led him out of the basement. " Come on, babe, " I said softly. She didn't budge. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. " I love you, Chris, " she said, though it was muffled from my chest and her cries. I carried her out of the basement and sat on the couch.

She looked up and kissed me passionately. " Chris, can you help me with Josh? " Mike asked. " Yeah, " I replied. I set Y/N on the couch. " Sam will protect you while I'm gone. Don't worry, Y/N, " I said softly. She tried to grab my arm but I pulled away. " I love you... and I promise you I'll be back soon, " I said softly. " I love you, Chris. "

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