Fun & Games ( X Chris )

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Your POV

       Chris had invited me to his house to play some video games. We decided to play smash bros. His Little Mac easily pummeled my Kurby. " Haha! That's another win for me! That means we are tied with seven points each. Want to make this the final round? I can order us some take out after this game, " Chris stated. " Yeah, last game, " I replied happily.

      I sat up and got ready. I let him choose a new character as I devised a quick plan to win. I decided I need to distract him. Chris was about to pick the map. " Are you ready... TO RUMBLE! " he yelled. I laughed. " Yes! " I replied happily. He started the game. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. " Chris? " I asked. " Yeah, " he replied happily not taking his eyes off the screen.

       I quickly kissed his cheek. The metaphorical two birds were one; distracting him and two; admitting my crush on Chris. He looked directly at me. The first time his eyes left the screen since the match started. I quickly knocked his character off the edge. " I win! Yes! " I screamed happily. Chris glanced at the screen. " Hey! You cheated! " he said slightly angry. " No, I didn't, " I stated. " But you distracted me, " he stated.

         " Did I? " I joked. " You're lucky I love you, " he mumbled. " You do? " I asked. " You heard me? " he asked nervously. " Y-Yeah, " I replied. He sat up. " I love you too, " I stated softly. " Really? " he asked. " Yeah, that's why I kissed your cheek, " I stated. " I thought you were just trying to distract me, " he replied. " I-I- killed two birds with one stone, " I stated softly.

       I sat up and saw he was blushing a deep red. I inched towards him then rested a hand on his arm. " I love you, " I said softly. I climbed on his lap. " Y-Y/N, what are you doing? " he asked nervously. I straddled his hips. " Shut up and kiss me, " I said softly with a smirk.

       He kissed me slowly. I cupped his cheeks and he rested his hands on my hips. He quickly pushed me off of him. " What the heck? " I asked nervously. He quickly took his jacket off and rested it over his waist. " It's uh... Too hot in here, " he stated anxiously. " O-Okay, " I replied. " I-I'm going to order takeout, " he stated nervously. He got up quickly and made his way towards the kitchen.

Chris's POV

       I pulled out my phone and immediately called Josh. " Hey, Cochise! What's up? " he asked happily. " I-I- kissed Y/N, " I stated. " Dude! Chris! How did that happen? " he asked. " Long story short we were playing video games and I accidentally admitted my crush on her. She apparently liked me back and we started making out then- " I began but stopped myself. " Then, what? " Josh asked. " I got an uh... " I scratched the back of my head.

        " You ruined a make-out session with your crush by getting a boner! Wow, Chris, " he laughed. " I have never been more attracted to her Josh, she is just so beautiful and- " I began. Y/N walked into the kitchen and I stopped myself. " You good Cochise? " Josh asked. " Yes, that will be all. 22.50 you say? Perfect, " I stated pretending to be talking with the pizza guy. " What? " Josh asked. " Thanks, bye, " I stated happily. I hung up.

       I set my phone on the counter. Y/N walked up to me. She stood on her tip toes and kissed me. She placed a hand on my chest and giggled at how fast my heart was beating. " I went ahead and ordered some pizza for us, " I stated. " How slick do you think you are? " she asked. " What? " I asked. " I heard your conversation, Chris, " she giggled. I blushed in embarrassment.

      " I-uh... " she kissed me again. It was a long, lingering kiss. " I love you, Chris. "

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