Truth Or Dare V.1 ( X Mike )

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Your POV

      We were all sitting in a circle. I'm sitting next to Mike and Matt. Mike rested his hand next to mine and I immediately blushed. Josh saw this and took advantage of it. " Y/N, truth or dare? " he asked with an excited look on his face. " Uh... Dare, " I replied nervously. " I dare you to make out with Mike, " he said happily. Everyone looked at Mike and I.

      Mike blushed slightly. " Do you want to do this, Mike? " I asked. " You can't say no! " Josh interrupted. Mike paused for a second to glare at Josh. " Of course I do, " he replied with a smirk. He climbed on top of me and straddled my hips. He cupped my cheeks and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss.

       I ran my hands through his hair. His hands reached my shirt but I grabbed them and placed them on my shoulders. I wasn't ready for that, and not in front of our friends. He pulled away for a second and smiled. I caught my breath before he kissed me again. He bit my lower lip playfully. I rested my hands on his chest and pushed him off of me. " Wow, that went further than I thought, " Josh stated. I blushed.

      Mike kissed me again. I smiled as he pulled away. " Whose next? " Mike joked as he took a sip of his beer. I rested my head on his chest as he leaned back. He kissed the top of my head. That was... Amazing.

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