Episode 15: Jins POV

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PLEASE DONT DO THIS. V HELP ME PLEASE DONT LET ME DIE!!!" I said as I was being dragged away by a furious Min Yoongi.

Jin's POV
I woke up to the sound of someone yelling. "Wh..." I started to yell when I saw an fuming Yoongi dragging away a terrified Jungkook. I hope that kid comes back alive.

I looked around to see if anyone else was awake and saw a Taehyung and   Y/n sitting there laughing their butts off. "Hey you two! What happen, and why is Jungkook gonna die?" I said which took both of them off guard.
"Oh Jin good morning~ oh umm well Jungkook he was ummm....." she managed to get out before letting the blush take over.

"Jungkook was sleeping and started to pull Y/n dongsaeng closer then on top of him." Taehyung said starting to laugh. I looked at Y/n and she started to blush again. She honestly looked kinda cute but she's not my type, but she would be a good Lab Rat for my girly designs. She doesn't look like a girly girl though. Oh well she's just have to live with it.


I was starting to fall back asleep when I heard Yoongi talking to Tae? I opened my eyes and saw them talking an saw Jungkook in a corner like Suga had put him there. Ah this poor babyboy. I looked at him closer and saw Mr. Jk teary eyed. I looked over to my left and saw my new dongsaeng looking at Jungkook with a worried pair of eyes. I was about to say something when Yoongi ordered Y/n to stop looking at the, 'Lil Man Whore'. She was startled a first and then she giggled. Ah~ what a weird child. Yoongs soon grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her out of the house pissed of. I knew Yoongi was protective but with a girl it's a different level of protection. Scary, Yoongi looked so done with them both.

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