Episode 21: Hurt & Confused

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"O..Oppa?" she said tear yeyed. She looked so fragile, so hurt. I was the one to blame, wasn't I? "Why are you yelling? What do you mean I don't need Jungkook? Are you saying I can't be with Jungkook? Why what has he done? He hasn't done anything to hurt me I'm fine!" She bombarded Hyung with all of these questions. You could see that she was starting to cry.

"Y/N please don't cry. You... You can't be with Jungkook any..anymore....." Yoongi Hyung said trying to sound as calm as possible. Though it was fairly obvious that he was panicking because she was crying.

"Oppa! Please! He hasn't done anything wrong!" she said starting to sound upset.

"He isn't who you think he is. I don't want you to get hurt." he said continuing trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Oppa" she said tears streaming down her face. She had started begging to stay with me. He stayed silent. She didn't say anything else before leaving back into her room. Slamming the door shut in the process.

She actually liked me back. But it's also my fault that her and hyung are in an argument.

Maybe I am not good for her.
Maybe I shouldn't be with her.
Am I good for her?
Does she deserve me?
Do I deserve her?
Why am I so cruel?

Oh it's because of .......

Yoongi's POV
Jungkook left the house in tears. Y/N left to her room in tears. They both left in tears. I'd tried to split them. Jungkook had said he loved her.

Does he really love her?
Does he really care?
Was splitting them up the right choice?
Did I hurt them both?
Did I hurt him?

Nononononono I can't believe I did this to them. I hurt them both. I hurt Jungkook. Most importantly I hurt my sensitive Y/N.

He is making me stop seeing Jungkook. I can't just leave him. I can't just forget him. He's been there—in my head—even when we were.... He... I can't just let Oppa split us up. If I have to I will try to see him, even if that means disobeying Oppa.

Does he even care?
Do I even care? Of course I do!
But does he?
Does he love me?
Do I love him? I mean I think I do... Im sure I love him, but he might not love me back......

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