Episode 14: Mistake

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As soon as I flipped to face towards him his grip lessened. V started to switch me with the pillow and all of the sudden Jungkook swiftly pulled me on top of him.

What am I supposed to to do now? How am I gonna get out without waking him?

"Taehyung! Help! What do I do now?!" I said yelling more than a whisper this time.

"Taehyung? That's very disrespectful!" he also whispered a yell. I looked at him confused and then realized what I said. I forgot to say Oppa. I'm so done right now."Ah~ I'm sorry Oppa! Can you please help me out?" I whispered while pouting. His eyes softened for a moment—meaning he broke character—but then got back to being 'hurt'. I began to quivered my bottom lip, pouting. I begged him to help free me, but I got a laugh in return.

Yoongi's POV
I woke up to people talking. It sounded like an argument. I slightly open one eye and saw my dearest cousin on top of the man whore. My eyes grew in shock. "What is she doing? This kid, aish." I muttered to myself. I suddenly felt a big pain in my chest. I was upset at what Jungkook was doing to her. Even after my statement yesterday.

I stood up and started to yell into Kookie's ears.

Jungkook's POV
"JEON JUNGKOOK WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING TO MY BABY COUSIN!" I heard yelling in my left ear as I woke up. Loosing my hearing in my left ear, I felt weight on my chest, I looked to the see what it was and had a huge wave of blush run through my face. I was surprised to see a Y/n covering her ears. I yelled when I saw her there and had throw her off of me. She landed on safely onto Taehyung, but another wave ran through me. The anger wave grew in me for weird reason not known. However I knew I didn't like the fact that she was laying on him. While I was staring at them I felt me self being dragged. Realization struck me. Oh no.


PLEASE DONT DO THIS. TAEHYUNG HYUNG HELP ME PLEASE DONT LET ME DIE!!!" I said as I was being dragged away by a furious Min Yoongi.

I hope you guys are enjoying the book. Please leave any suggestion. I have this story pretty much planed out but you never know. Also if my grammar or spelling is off, I tend not to notice them until I already posted that Episode.

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