Episode 34: Oppa

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It's been a couple of days and she's still in the hospital. I was hoping she would be ok when I see her again for the first time this weekend.

Three days without seeing her.

Jungkook has been there 24/7 with her. He's a good kid. He's changed a lot because of her. She seems so happy with him. And most importantly Jungkook genuinely seems happy and in love. I hope the best for them.

Jungkook's POV
I've been sitting in the same spot.

In the hospital.

She's been in a coma for the pass three days. I've been holding her hand, crying silently. Hyung came trying to see if he could see her. I told him to go back home and not worry. That I've been taking care of her. However, that's not close to the truth.


"Ko......Kookie?" I heard a fragile voice. It was soft yet broken. Soft but hurt. I looked at the owner of the voice.

"Ye....yes Jagiya~?" I said hanging my head a bit. Still enough to where I can see her.

"I.....I'm so..." I knew what she was going to say so I cut her off.

"There's no reason. Don't be sorry. Are you ok? Does anything hurt?" I asked. She shook her head slowly. I nodded. Then see her trying to get up. I widened my eyes and put her back to the bed.

"Kookie I'm fine. I want to get up."

"No no no. You stay right there." I told her sternly. As I was saying that she began to give me an adorable pout.


"Hey no! You can't do that to me!"

She giggled and then replied. "Ok ok I guess I won't. " She spoke in a softer voice than befor. "I also think I wouldn't be able to" she said lightly in a whisper.

Maybe I wasn't supposed to hear but I did.

"Ah! So I'm not your Oppa?! What am I to you then?! Hmm?"

"Kookie..... I love you, I do. I just don't feel comfortable calling people Oppa. That's all!"

"Suuuuure. You can call hyung Oppa but not me?! That doesn't seem fair. Does it, no" I replied answering my own thought up question.

"Ah~ Kookie don't be like that. You know I love you. I hope nothing happens between us, but you never know. However I do know that Oppa will never stop loving me."

"Bu.... But I've known you longer. Also I would never, I repeated never, stop loving you."

"Yea by 3 or 4 days. Come on Kookie don't be like this." She said ignoring the fact that I've truly known her way long then hyung.

"I'm not doing anything. Just like you, Y/N"

"......... Je... Jeon Jungkook. Wh.... Why are y...you being," she stopped herself with two sniffles and a cough. "like this?!........ Fine be like that I'm going h...home...." She said starting to tear up. On the verge of balling her eyes out.

I was left very dumbfounded. I never ment for her to take it this serious. After 30 seconds of being in shock, I woke up from my state and ran after her.

"......... Je... Jeon Jungkook. Wh.... Why are y...you being." I sniffled twice then coughed. "like this?!........ Fine be like that I'm going h...home...." I said on the verge of crying. I left him there and started to walk off.

I was walking with my head low. Suddenly I felt something go around my waist really quick. My body stiffened. I then proceeded to scream my lungs out. "Woah woah woah! Stop screaming babe. You're making a scene." He said covering my mouth. My body relaxed and I stopped screaming—realizing who was holding me. "Also IMSOSORRYINEVERMENTTOHURTYOU! ITWASALLJUSTTOMESSWITHYOUNOTHURTYOU!!! IMSOSORRYILOVEYOUWITHALLOFMYHEAERUE."

He said this almost crying like I was. It was kinda hard to understand him.


"IM SO SORRY I NEVER MEANT TO HURT YOU! IT WAS JUST TO MESS WITH YOU NOT HURT YOU!!! IM SO SORRY, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEARTUE!" This was so heart breaking seeing him like this. The schools toughest, meanest, playboy was standing in front of my crying because of me.

"Omo! I'm..." Not knowing what to say I pull him into a hug. "I love you too Kookie. Come on stop crying you have turtle tears."

"Wha? Wait don't turtles... They don't have... They can't cry can they? No they can't, I don't understand."

"Exactly, turtles don't cry. Also I've never once in my life time see you cry. You're my turtle. And I hope to never see those tears again.

Also I'll try and call you Oppa. I'm sorry if I upset you because I don't. I love you though, ok?"

"I love you too!" He said as he kisses my forehead.

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