Episode 53: Hugs

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She ran up to me and almost choked me to death. She was holding onto my neck like it would save her life. It probably did save her life. Just maybe not only my neck.

She had nuzzled her face into my neck. Once and a while she would twitch. Her whole body. I let my hand glide through her hair. Trying to confront her.

Her breath steadied. It slowed and went at a normal pace.

I could only imaged what he did to her to make her so frightened. So scared to be in such shape.

Yoongi's POV
I watched as she ran into Jungkook. She looked so frightened. So scared.

She held onto him for dear life. Like he would protect her from anything, he held on tight to her. She was trembling in his grip. Shaking and twitching.

He was comforting her while in his arms. They stayed like that for a while. I heard her ask faintly, "Is Oppa here?" She asked. He nodded not bothering to say a word.

She looked up and was looking to see where I was. It looked as if she was having trouble finding me. Her back was towards me.

I whistled. Her head snapped to my direction. She made eye contact. She smiled warmly and pulled from Jungkook's grasp.

Making my way to her she launched herself at me. "Oppa I missed you so much! I thought he'd hurt you," she cried in a shaky voice.

I ran my fingers through her soft, silky hair. She made a noise, similar to a...... purr?

Her body relaxed and calmed.

She was no longer scared.


I was hugging her, still keeping her calm. When suddenly all the boys were. Hugging us. They cheered that she was okay.

They really care. They really care about y/n. Good!

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