Episode 28: Confession

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Y/n  POV
He thought I was hot at the party? When I was reading his message I got so flustered.

Wait! Hold on! Are you telling me, that you were that super hot chick I was talking to?

Oh my god! He thought I was hot?

"Ummm.... Y/N why are your ears and cheeks red? Are you sick or something?" Asked my partner.

His name was, the one the only, Kim Taehyoung. Yup TaeTae was my partner for my second period. He was also my fourth period partner. So yeah I knew him before I was hanging out with Jungkook. He was always really quite, I'd try to talk to him but he never answers.

"Let me ask you again, why are you red?........ Wait are you texting Jungkook?" He said while he wiggled his eyebrows. I frowned at his comment. He then giggled and looked away.


It was now the end of the day. I was walking home alone since Oppa was staying with his, quote unquote, girlfriend. I had my head phones in and was walking with my head down.

I was ten minutes away when I felt an arm swing around my neck. Thinking it was Oppa I let them stay and ignored them. After less than 30 seconds I felt a tap on my shoulder. I sighed and took out my headphones. "Yes Oppa?"

"Oh my.....Did you just call me Oppa? I can't believe this!" He man said. His voice didn't sound like Oppa so I looked up to see the boy. My eyes widened when I saw who I was talking to. "Tch as if I would call you oppa. I thought you were my Oppa that's all. Don't get any ideas mister." I said with a small giggle. I could hear him chuckle besides me. I rolled my eyes then soon after I felt a slap on my arm.

"Don't you roll your eyes missy!" He said childishly.

"Grow up Jungkook!" I said with a slight pout.

"Hey that's not nice! But ya know Oppa does sound good! You should call me that more often! I hate when people call me Oppa but from you it sounds nice." He said while rubbing his chin as if he was thinking hard about something. He was really cute, but I don't call people Oppa! I honestly don't know why I started calling Yoongi Oppa, Oppa.

"Well I don't like it!" I said pouting. I looked away and then heard a chuckle. "Ah I'm home. Well thanks for walking me the rest of the way. Bye Kookie!" I said as I ran inside.

Jungkook's POV
It was the next day at school and I've told my Hyungs my plan. They all agreed even Yoongi hyung agreed.

Hiii! Can you meet me at the park around your house, please?

The Beautiful  Nerd
Um sure! For what tho? Are you alright?

That's a secret ;) And yes I am alright! But can you come?

The Beautiful Nerd
Ah good good! And yeah sure I can come. What time?

Around 5:30 would be good! Is that alright?

The Beautiful Nerd
That's actually perfect! See ya there

Yes! My plan is starting. So after school I have to get ready fast.


5:00. We were basically done putting the stuff around. Just a few more things and we would be done.

Text me when you are leaving your house, please!

The Beautiful Nerd
Alright! See you there!

I locked my done back up. I finished putting the finishing touches. The place looked perfect now.


The Beautiful Nerd
I'm on my way over! I'm excited!

I was glad she was excited. However I was dying. I was so nervous!

I had gotten to the park Jungkook told me to go to. I got to the playground and saw a sigh with my name on it. It was an arrow so it pointed to a place. I followed were the arrow was pointing. It lead me to a path of rose petals. The sun was setting so it looked really romantic.

I finally found the path stop. I looked up and saw Jungkook standing there. He was in a..... Suit?

"Hi Y/n!....Umm well do you like it?" He said while fiddling with his fingers. I nodded at the lost of words. He came closer to me and got on one knee.

"Wait Wait! I'm not ready for marriage! I haven't even gotten into a college!" I said trying to get him up off the ground. He then proceeded to giggle.

"Woah, Y/N calm down! I'm not trying to propose to you.. Yet. Anyways its a good thing to, I could have just been rejected. Ah that would have broken my heart!"

"Oh. My. God. You nearly gave me a heart attach. Why would you get on one knee then!"

"Because. Min Y/N will you be the best person in the world, and say yes to my next question? Will you, yes you, be my girlfriend!"

As that's sentence came out of his mouth my eyes started to water. He was asking me to be his girlfriend. I've never seen or heard him ask anyone out. It's always been the girl asking.

I nodded my head frantically, while covering my mouth. I was so excited. My first real boyfriend would be my dream boy. He came close and hugged me tightly.

"Yeah~! You're gonna squeeze her to death Jungkook! Let her go now!" Yelled a familiar voice. I looked to see who it was. Oppa! Wait and everyone else.

"Ho..How long were you guys there?" I asked nervously. Oppa giggles and answered. My month dropped instantly. I felt so embarrassed.

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