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Be Mine, And Stay Mine... JJK Fanfic [Completed] by notcooldudde
Be Mine, And Stay Mine... JJK Dylann
"I'm sorry Y/N but Jungkook loves me!" "Jungkook! Jungkook, tell me she's lying. You're joking right?!" I screamed feeling heartbroken. He shocked hi...
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It's started as an innocent game with a little blackmail. Later turned out to be a heart game that the all-time Mr Universe hadn't seen coming. Daisy put herself in the...
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When A Player Falls In Love by ChrissyLovee
When A Player Falls In Loveby Chrissy
Student. Yotuber. Player. Enemy. Friend. Boyfriend?
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Unusual Friendships by booksfoodandboybands
Unusual Friendshipsby booksfoodandboybands
~•Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who said, "I'll be there for you." and proves it. •~
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The highschool games by Alanah1399
The highschool gamesby Alanah Mitchell
when a complete nobody, plays the players nothing bad can happen right ? wrong in lillyvale high there are 4 boys going for the title of the heart break kid, this is the...
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I Falling for the Player I by StuPotNoodsMuds
I Falling for the Player Iby StuPotNoodsMuds
Alice Wynter has been going to the same school as Liam Miracles since grade school. Now they are in high school. Liam is a well known player in the school, and every gi...
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Heartbreaker Outline by imohkae
Heartbreaker Outlineby imohkae
Just a bunch of infamous boys who started a club about breaking girls hearts.
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Falling for the Player by griffin81602
Falling for the Playerby griffin81602
Lux Shine is sixteen years old and is probably one of the most beautiful girls you could ever lay your eyes on. The thing is she was so caught up in taking care of her b...
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im suppose to hate you... //G.D  by Jessmariahh
im suppose to hate you... //G.D by Jessmariahh
Rhian Airlee grew up with people constantly asking about her parents.. "How does it feel to life with rich parents?" "Your so lucky" Until her paren...
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The Worst by ImagineYourself
The Worstby ImagineYourself
A story that teaches you to move forward... Kelly Storm channels her confident but stubborn side as she battles through the 2nd semester of 10th grade. The "breakin...
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The Game the Player Played by BluRaven711
The Game the Player Playedby BluRaven711
Ok so here's the deal, my sister
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My Unexpected Visitor by Danabless
My Unexpected Visitorby Dania Brown
" I love you so much Emma." said Edward to me whilst putting soft gentle kisses trailing from the corner of my lips to my shoulder. Replying to his gesture I p...
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All my Sins and You  by desolatespaces108
All my Sins and You by desolatespaces108
Ashley Wilson, the perfect girl. More like the 'it' girl of her new highschool. Only in 3 days the whole highschool knows her. Guys wander around her like puppies and gi...
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She's Bad by kater1n
She's Badby Katerin
"I don't give a fuck about you," I said as my breath hitched do to his closeness. "Are you sure about that?" He asked as his breath fanned a tickli...
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City Girl  by PicklesAndRanch1
City Girl by ❤️Anastacia🤷🏼‍♀️
She couldn't stand the way he thought all girls should bow down to him. He always got what he wanted from every girl in school. But, not her she refuses to be another on...
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The Distraction by weloveweekends
The Distractionby Angel Thrones
Brian is the star football quarterback of his school. Some may call him the Jock, the Player, and the Popular guy, but those are just a few labels placed on him. No o...
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Heart Breaker by IsabeauRathbone
Heart Breakerby Bo
"He broke my heart, now i'll break his" Alisha Johnson fell for the bad boy and he broke her heart. but now the table are about to turn as the good girl goes b...
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