Episode 70: The End

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I know the title says 'The End' but this is not the end of the book. There will be a few more. I (J)Hope you enjoy!


When I finally got home it was around one in the morning. I was so mad at Jungkook. Not only at him but at the guys to. Not because they choose Jungkook over me, but because they had the decency to leave me there and let me walk home. All the fucking way across town. What bitches.


Jungkook had been avoiding me for the past week. I'm currently in school staring at the teacher blankly. Then I continue to think to myself.

I get if I upset him but he had no right to be a bitch.
I had it with him. The bell rings signaling that the class was over. I walk into the halls and started to look around.

I run my hand through my hair in frustration. I continue to look for him. Where the hell could he be?

I head outside and find him. I walk up to him and started to slightly yell at him. "What the hell Jungkook!"

He groaned. In annoyance I'm guessing. "What do you want Y/N?"

"First, what's you problem? Second, why the hell would you leave me at the fucking mall and make me walk all the fucking way home?

Look, I get if I pissed you off, but that gives you no right to act like a dick to me!"

"One, you're my fucking problem! Two, I didn't do shit. You walked home on your own. And I don't think you do get it. You know nothing about me and my mom. I have every right to talk about her the way I want to. It's not of you god damn business."

I just keep get more and more angry at him by the second. He has the guts to talk to me like that? What an absolute asshole.

"Jungkook stop making everything about you! I get you're mad. I really do bu---"

Before I could finish he cuts me off. Note that it makes me even more irritated with him. "I'm making everything about me?! I've been trying to calm down so I can forgive you. But you're making impossible! You left me! And shit! You talked so much crap about your mom, and you have the gut to tell me not to talk shit about mine."

"I'm not doing anything to make impossible! I came here and asked you two simple questions! And hold the fuck up! I left you? I fucking left you?! Jungkook you are the one that left me." I spoke so angrily. But my anger soon turned to sadness. "When.... When.... When I needed you the most. Do know how hard it was to be there with out you? I suffered alone. How do you think I felt when I found out that my only friend left me in the dust? I cried so much without you. I was lucky enough to even find Suna and Momo." I said so upset.

He looked at me with petty. He sighed and looked away. I wiped my eyes making sure nothing came from my eyes. I looked at him once more before walking away.

Sunni's POV
"So poor Y/N and precious Jungkook are in an argument. How amusing!" I laugh to myself.

"Now I can put my plan into play."


It's near the end of the day. I find Jungkook and tell him to follow me. It takes me awhile but he agreed. I lead him to the music room and tell him to sit. He does just that.

"So Jungkook? How's life doing?" I asked trying to take my sweet time.

"What do you want Sunni?" He asked in a irritated tone. I chuckle a bit. Amused at his inpatient nature.

"Ok... If I must. Brake up with Y/N. It's very simple really."

"Why the hell would I do that?!" He asked in annoyance.

"Because you love me!"

"Hell I do. You insane!"

"No I'm just smart. I don't think you would want you dear Y/N to find out that this whole thing was a bet. A game? Would you?" I say. It's clear that I hit a vein. I smirk while my eyes are still on him.

"That doesn't matter. I love her now!"

"Oh I thought you would say that.... But what would she say if she heard her dear, beloved cousin was apart of this bet. That he was the one to set you guys up?"

He freezes. He eyes go from annoyance and irritation to a pleading look. "You.. You can't do this Sunni. Anything I'll do anything. Just don't do that. She's already been through so much. Don't add on to that! Please I beg!" He pleads. I laugh at him. He's so easy to control when it comes to her.

"Sweets you said anything, I think we both know what you have to do..... Do it and she won't know a thing. Do we have a deal?"

"Please Sunni. I'll do anything else. I'll move us away. I'll keep her away from you. Anything else Sunni. Please"

"No can do."

He has tears streaming down his face. He gets up and finally agrees.

I'm mad? Yes. But I get where he's coming from now. He's going through  something. And I just pressed his buttons.


School ended. I waked out of the school and see Jungkook. He was leaned against the wall with Sunni clingy on to him. I swear if he's doing the jealous shit again.

Im about to walk past him he walks to me. I stop and look at him. He opens his mouth then closes it. Sunni nudged him. He took a deep breath and spoke.  "Y/N we... We.." He didn't get the chance to speak before Sunni intertwined in the conversation.

"Jungkook tell her!" She spoke in a commanding voice.

"We're over..." He spoke.

In that moment I froze.

Did I hear wrong? I heard wrong right? He didn't just say that.

I look from Sunni to Jungkook. I was so broken. He can't be serious! "Jung...Kook?" I spoke as my voice cracks.

"I'm sorry Y/N but Jungkook loves me!"

"Jungkook! Jungkook, tell me she's lying. You're joking right?!" I screamed feeling heartbroken. He shook his head. He looked hurt though.

I broke down. "F..Fine.. Leave me for this hoe!"

With that I walk away. Walking home. Felling lost, Hurt, Betrayed, heart broken in fact.

The guy I put all of my love into just broke my heart for some hoe. I couldn't believe what just happened.

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