Episode 24: Music

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I was sitting in the living room watching TV. When suddenly I heard music and it sounded beautiful. I got up and went to go see what I was hearing.

I followed to were the sound was coming from. I followed it to Oppa's room. I've never been into Oppa's room. I didn't want go invade his privacy, but the sound was to good to pass up. I knocked on the door quietly. There was no response, I decided to open the door. I opened it and saw something I never expected. Oppa was playing the piano. It was so quiet, yet sweet. It was peaceful.

He was playing an original, I could tell by the way he kept stopping. Probably to think of what keys to play next.

I stood there for a good minute with my eyes closed listening to him play. I sat there in the door way. Once it completely stopped I opened my eyes. To my surprise I see Oppa staring at me with wide eyes. "Wha... How long have you been there?" Oppa asked, almost sounding angry. I froze in place not knowing what to do. Unsure what I did wrong.

"I've been here for a uh... for a uh.. while Oppa. Why are you mad at me?" I asked in a kiddish voice. He shook his head indicating that he wasn't. "Why didn't you tell me you could play? That sounded so beautiful." I said he shook his head once more.

"That's because I can't play. It wasn't anything amazing." he told me. I was in bare shock. He thought he wasn't good, but he was amazing.

"Oppa what do you mean. That was incredible! I've never heard anything like it!"

"No it wasn't. Now why are you here, need something?" He asked.

"Oh! No, I need nothing. I just heard you playing, that all. I'll go now.


Sorry if this was a boring chapter. I didn't know what to put for this chapter, sorry. I also wanted to get a chapter out because I might not post in a couple of days. Anyways thank you for reading my book! Please vote and comment!

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