Episode 31: Anything

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A week has pasted and I've been so paranoid about Sunni.

She hasn't done anything, so is she not gonna do anything?

Just because I'm dating the guy SHE broke up with means she's gonna beat me? It be pretty petty if she did.

I was walking in the halls during passing period. When I saw Sunni all over Jungkook. He looked very uncomfortable. He was trying to push her away gently but she wouldn't budge. I was smiling knowing he wouldn't go to her, like she wanted. I walked pass them and ignored what was happening. I knew he'd fine his way out without being too physical. "See Kookie! She doesn't even care! Come back to me!" She said in a annoying tone.

Fun Fact, I've always hated her voice. It was so high pitched. It always annoyed the crap out of me! (A/N: no hate to Sunni. It's just for the story)
Back to reality, shall we.

"Kookie come on! Let's go, she obviously doesn't care about you! Not like me!" She said trying to take away Jungkook with her. I tried acting normal. I was a bit hurt that he still hasn't pushed he's away like I hoped.

"Sunni, please let go of me. I'm trying to get back to my Caring Girlfriend. Now excuse me." He said in a calm voice, while walking over to me. Note that he emphasized the words 'caring girlfriend'. He then carried on swinging his arm around my should. I smiled knowing that he wasn't going to physically hurt Sunni by pushing her away.

I know I should want him to be mean to her, I guess. But I'm not that type of person. Never have and hopefully never will be.

I heard her curse under her breath and started to pout. I rolled my eyes and carried on walking.

Sunni POV
I was trying to get Jungkook back. However he was being very stubborn. He wasn't even looking at me with his sweet, sparkling eyes. These eyes were cold and mean. So this is how is gonna treat me.

Did he always look like this?

I heard footsteps and saw Y/N peeking around the corner. I smirked. I went in for a deep kiss.

He seemed to noticed what I was gonna do and pushed me slightly before I even puckered my lips. He knew me so well, damn it.

Out of nowhere she walked towards us. She continued to walk. I was talking to get Jungkook but he was trying to go to her. Urgh

I was trying to convince him about how she didn't care. But he was still trying to go to her, not even caring what I had just said. "Sunni, please let go of me. I'm trying to get back to my Caring Girlfriend. Now excuse me." He said while pushing me aside.

"You little bitch." I said under my breath. And then they were gone.
"I will beat you in this game. I'll do anything to get him back. I'll destroy you Min Y/N." I said as I turned around.

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