Episode 73: The Goodbyes

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Y/N stayed with me for about three days before Suna took her. She's been there for two days. She looked so broken before Suna took her. She tried to be happy and cheerful, but it looked like she was still hurting. I can't believe he did that to her. No one other than me and the girls know why she's like this. I think Jungkook doesn't know he's the reason to this.

Suna POV
Y/n has been hurting because of him. He left her for that slut. He promised her that's he would always be there for her. Yet here we are.

She has all her things packed up and is ready to leave. "Please Y/N don't do this. We'll help you through this. You can move on.." I practically begged her.

"I'm sorry Suna, but I can't. I can't stand to sit here and see him. Especially when that whore is all up on him."

I sighed and had tears running down my face. "I just can't believe that you are actually leaving.... I'ma miss you so much."

"I'm going to miss you too. I love you. Tell the guys that I'll miss them.... I text you when I get..... When I get to America..."

I nodded slowly.

American. She's going all the way abroad. Because that stupid boy broke her heart.

"Ok... Text me everyday?"

"Yup. I'll even tell you about what's it's like..."

I nodded again. I helped her out of the house and to her car. She got in and waved one last time before she drove away.

Yes I'm going to America because of Jungkook. But that gives me an excuse to go back and see my parents. I would be lying if I say I didn't miss them. Because I honestly was having a little problem with being without them.

I drive away from Suna's house. I drive to the hang out house. I make sure that no one is there before I walk in.

I walk into everyone's room and drop off a little gift. Everyone got something that reminds me of them and another that reminds them of me.

I left Oppa more than one thing. And in a separate spot I left stuff for Woozi.

After leaving all the gifts I drive to Kris's and the boy's house. I leave the gifts on the porch. All like the boys the gifts are reminders. But theirs have name tags.

I knock on the door and run to my car and drive away. But as I drive away I see Kris running down the street.

The last stop. The Jeon's house.

I drive over there and pull in. I told the maid not to inform the Jeons that I was here. That I was just dropping things off. I told the maids that once I left they give the stuff to Mr. Jeon.

I left and got a cab. Yea I got a cab. I left the Lamborghini with him. And with the gift I left a letter telling him that I loved the car but I wouldn't have the money to get it to America. Even though I really did but that's not the point.


I got fifty miscalls and a million texts messages. Some from Kris some from Oppa. Even some from Jungkook. I guess he hasn't told anyone. And to top all of that off I have a hundred and five voice mails. These were from everyone. Even from Mr. Jeon.

So I guess you can say I'm "popular". If only it was in better condition.

I was in the waiting area. Waiting for my flight so I could head "home". I guess I can start calling it that since I'm going to be living there.

I will definitely miss Korea. But I will mostly miss the people and some of the memories. But not all of the people and the memories they gave me.


The speaker in the area called for my flight. I walked to the lady handed her my ticket and walked on the plane. I took a seat and waited for the flight.

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