Episode 62: Theyre Meeting

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It's been a week since that thing with Sunni happened. She been sending threats to me. Flirting with Jungkook more. Trying to slit me up from my friends. She's trying everything in her power to make me miserable. But that's not working. I'm always with Jungkook. And if not I with Oppa and the boys. I'm around Suna and Momo a lot. She can't slit us up.

Jungkook's POV
My dad said that 'he should meet this girl that changed me'. I'm a little against this.

He convinced me and I asked when    Y/N was free. She said tomorrow night. GREAT! My girlfriend is meeting my dad!

So many thoughts flood my head. What will they think of each other?

Yoongi POV
Y/n is going to meet Jungkook's dad. He's a cool dude but...

I've seen him around girls and he's scary. I don't want her getting hurt. What if it ruins there relationship?

So many things could happen. So many, bad, things. I'm nervous for her. And not many people scare me. And if they do. You know they're scary.

? ? ? POV
Wow I hope they are beautiful together. I hope she is forgiving. He needs her. He likes her but I hope she's better.

Sorry this is short! Hope you enjoy. Next episode will be long.

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