Episode 46: TaeTae

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It's been a week since our last date. Me and Jungkook have a weird relationship. Like honestly he's bipolar. Honestly!

Example! A few days I was talking to TaeTae and Jungkook like told me in a stern voice to come to the music room. He told me that off and then 20 minutes later he's all loving on me.

Aish. What's wrong with that bunny? Hehe shh!

Anyways I'm planning on doing something for our 4 month anniversary. Yea! 4 months! Woo

I honestly don't know what to do though. This could be hard. Ahhh. Life is too hard. A relationship is even harder. But it's worth it all in the end. Right? Right!

I'm currently sitting in class 'paying attention'. We are going over the American history. Why? I don't know why. Because Mr. Hyang felt like it.

There's 10 minutes of class and then lunch. Ah~ lunch. My favorite subject. If you don't like lunch, I hate you for my whole life. Yes my whole life. Don't care who you are, I will hate you.

20 more minutes!
15 more minutes
10 more minutes
5 more minutes
4 more minutes
3 more minutes
2! 1!
YAY lunch!

I walk out of the call and head to the cafeteria. I see Suna and Momo waving there hands from a table. I walk to the table and sit down.

"Y/N the boys asked if we wanted to sit with them and I said yes. So they should be here in a min," told Momo. I nodded and quietly ate. I sat there think of who Momo was talking about.

Then I am called out of my thoughts when I feel a arm slung around my shoulder. I look at the person and feel my nose brush against the person's.

I turn my head, I can tell my cheeks are heating up. "Y/N are you blushing?" Asked the unknown person.

Wait that voice sounds familiar. I turn to the person. My eyes widen as I see who it was. "No!" I say as I pull him into a hug.

"Are you sure? You looked a lil red." He said eyeing me.

"Yess TaeTae I'm sure. Why would I blush because of you?"

He looks at me shocked and then responds. "Wha? Is that a challenge?" He asked with a pout. His bottom lip quivering a little.

"No, my adorable alien. No challenge." I say with a cheeky smile.

He huffs and removes his arm.
"Aww come on Tae. I don't like seeing you upset!" I said after, I was now the one pouting.

"Aww Y/N~ah you so kind! And too cute!" Tae said as he taps my nose.

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