Episode 50: Impossiable

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I awake before Kyungsoo. He looks non crazy while sleeping. Almost cute in a way.

He shifted his weight a little. Arms still around my waist. I move and he tighten his grip around me.

I poked his cheek and he'd just groan. Again I poke. He slightly moved. Again. His eyes flutter open this time.

He looked mad, but when he saw me he smiled. It actually wasn't that bad of a smile.

"Can I get ready?" I ask with a forced smile. Followed by a giggle.

He looked at me with a confused look. I moved in his arms and he looked down. He 'oh'ed and let go.

I got up and then stopped. "Babe...." He hummed in response. "Where is the bathroom.......? Oh and my clothes?"

He got up and went to the closet and got me one of his sweaters. He gave me teal vans and ripped skinny jeans. With my.......glasses. I can't believe he got my glasses.

I groaned and started doing my hair. Normally I would do lose curls but he doesn't have a curling iron. So I went for a messy bun.

( you don't have to keep the backpack)

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( you don't have to keep the backpack)

Once we were both ready we hoped into his car and drove off to school.

Yoongi's POV
Y/N didn't come home last night. I texted in the group chat and no one said they saw her.

I went into her room one last time and saw the window was open. She never open that window. Like never. I walk up to it and closed it.

Right as I was walking out I saw a paper taped to her door.

'Dear Min Yoongi,

I have your sweet Y/N. She's been an angle. I am going to tell you the truth. She hit her during the ride. I don't know how, but she did. And it was a really hard hit.

She seems to not remember a lot. So I AM her boyfriend. Not Jungkook, Me. I saw that you were her cousin.

You may see her but watch what you say. Depending on what you and you friends say to her she may come back here.


THAT BASTARD. He took my precious cousin.

Wait. She couldn't have lost her memory. Auntie said it was impossible for her. Her mom put something in her head. There's no way she lost her memory. Not at all.


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