Episode 56: They're Back

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Jungkook POV
The girls have planned a little day for Y/N. I don't really understand why they choose a karaoke and dance studio for the day. I don't think Y/N is really into that. She is kinda lazy. But still adorable and cute!

We have to be there in an hour. Suna and Momo explained that we might have to pay for a few songs, but the they've got the place. They also said they were invited some others guys. Why haven't I heard of these other

We tell each other everything and never once have I heard of them.

They said they weren't blood related to her so. Who are they. There are three boys. There is two older than me and one younger. Younger than me and    Y/N.

This will be interesting to say the least. How will she react to them? How will I react to them?

Oppa said we were going somewhere. The girls told him. They said that he should blindfold me. That's what he did.

The told me to wear something comfortable. So that really what I did. I wore a black crop top, a pair of black jeans and my favorite red flannel. Lastly my black converse. And for my hair I just lightly curled the tips.


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We got to the place and Oppa slowly helped me out of the car. Still blindfolded I struggle to keep my balance. "Oppa can't I just see were we are? This really annoying!" I pouted. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't see. It felt very odd. Walking without being able to see. I was very paranoid.

He let go and went to talk to a person inside the place. A little while later he came back and lead me inside. "Oppa this probably looks so odd to people around us..." I said quietly. 

In stead of responding he just laughed. I huffed and letting him carry on dragging me around. 

We then came to a sudden stop. I was about to take the blindfold off when he told me not to.

He opened something and then continued to walk us around.

We stopped again. Oppa pulled the blindfold away. I came face to face with all of my friends. I laughed. I saw Momo, Suna, Jin, Jhope, Namjoon, Jimin, V and Jungkook. I was about to go to Jungkook when there was a pair of arms around my waist. I yelped but no one did anything. They all started to laugh, except for Jungkook.

I was about to turn and see whom's arms are around me but another pair of hand covered my eyes.

I didn't feel threatened but was very confused. Why were people around me. Who was around me.

About to pull the hands down from my eyes, I felt a poke and the stomach. I giggled. Then there was another one. And another one. Who was messing with me?

It came to the point where I was on the floor laughing trying to escape Kai's grip.

"K...Kai! I can't b...breathe!" I said in between my breathily laughs.

He got off of me and I see the three dorks I haven't seen in a year. Kai, Kris and Chen. The three idiots that are my other family.

Kris is the oldest. He was the protective on over me. He was like a third mom.

Kai. He is a month older than Jungkook. He was like my best friend! After my childhood one of course.We did everything together. We told each other anything and everything.

And then there is Chen. Chen is younger than me and Kookie. He was like my little brother. He called me for when he has problems. I was another mom to him. (A/n:I'm not sure if the age things are right but it's for the story so deal w/ it.)

"AHHH! It's so good to see you three!" I said pulling them into a big group hug. I love these guys. They were my everything.

However that all feel apart when they moved. I haven't seen or heard from them in a year. And now they are here messing with me again. I missed them.

"It's great to see you shorts. I've missed you so much!" Kai said sweeping me of my feet. Lifting me in the air with a tight hug. I laughed and hugged him back. Almost as tight.

"I've missed you so much too. It was so hard with out you guys. But then I found out I have a cousin that I now live with!"

"Really who Noona?" Chen asked. Adding him self into the conversation.

I pointed to Oppa. "Oppa!" I said calling him over. He turned his head to me and I waved him over. "Guys this is my Oppa! Oppa this is Kris, Kai and Chen!" I did pointing to them all. He gave a little wave and walked over to Jimin. "He's cold but loving!" They nodded.

We did a little talking. It was then Suna called everyone over and then I notice where we were...

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