Episode 54: A Change

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Ok so I have this song suck in my head so please listen to it! You probably know it but you know!


It's been a while since the incident. Jungkook and Oppa have been very protective over me. The other guys too, but not as much. Jungkook was worst than Oppa, and Oppa was bad.

Like this morning a guy accidentally bumped into me and I don't blame him. I'm like a potato and he was like a giant. So yea he might not have seen me.

Anyway Jungkook flipped and literally threatened the guy.

Then after school the same guy bumped into me again, and Jungkook. Well he threw a punch at the guys face.

Luckily the guy saw it coming and was able to dodge the throw. He wasn't even shocked. Like "omg surprise the biggest jerk threw a punch at me, shook": It was like he knew Jungkook would have done that—which we did.

Taehyung's POV
Jungkook has been SOOO over protective of Y/N. A guy can just glans at her and Jungkook turns into a dog. He's 'barking' at the guy and yelling. Screaming to "back the fuck up or I'll slit your throat while you sleep". Spoiler alert Jk you'll be away from Y/n so try not to.

He's soo whipped. But I am happy for him. He's seems less fuckboi. I don't understand why Y/N liked him, but I'm kinda glad she did.

She changed him, and definitely for the better. After what she did to him, N/N was able to help bring him back to him old self.

He's happy again. He's been happy since n/n arrived into his life. He was honestly pathetic. I mean don't get me wrong I love jungkook, but he was so childish and idiotic.

Ever since his childhood friend left and she abandoned him. Jungkook has been useless.

He was cold. Had sex with whom ever he wanted. Played with any girls heart.

He promised not to become like her, but that's exactly what he did. He was just like her. Like the person he never ever wanted to become. Hating the idea of himself like that, killed him. But yet he continued on. Lucky him, Y/N never gave up on the little idiot he is.

She loves him. And it's sort of painfully obvious.

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