Episode 38: No Longer Together

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The first day there was Sunni, clinging on me like always.

I was watching Y/N from afar. Hoping no one would hit or lay a finger on her. She was precious to me. I loved her, but I could not be with her the whole week.

No school socializing, no phone calls, even no texting. We had nothing. We couldn't be together. I have to admit this was going to be a hellish week.

Sunni POV

Kookie boy has been ignoring his lil'   Y/N. Maybe he's come to his right mind. Him think of her as worthy was pathetic. Trying to play hard to get. Trying to get over me, he's idiotic. He may not admit to it but... He's crazy in love with me.


I was walking around the school, per usual, when I her people talking about Y/N and My Oppa. That bitch thought she can over rule me. Think again!

"Yea there's a rumor going around that they broke up."

"Serves her right."

"Yea but to be honest they were cute together."

"Yea I guess but that's no more I guess."

I walked away with a huge smile on my face.


Maybe what I did made her change her mind.

I've been miserable without Jungkook. Even some of my friends have noticed. "Come on Y/N. Why are you so upset?"

"Jungkook....." I muttered under my breath.

"Woah woah woah! Wait! What did that little idiot do to you. I've never seen you like this. Even before we started talking. You were so happy all the time, well at least from what I saw."

"He didn't do anything....."

"That's a dam---" before he could finish his sentence the bell rung. I got up and walked away. Not wanting to continue the conversation.

Taehyung POV
Y/n has been so bummed these past, what two days? I asked he during class and she said Jungkook. I asked what he did but the bell rang, cutting off our conversation.

When lunch came I sat down at our table. I saw Jungkook walking with his head hung low walking to the table. "Hey! What did you do to Y/N? Huh? She's really bummed out!" He just shook his head with no words. I scoffed and got up. I walked over to her table and sat down.

We were making small talk when I heard a voice. "Tae Oppa shouldn't you be sitting with me?" I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Now why would I want to do that?"

"Because you can't be sitting with your bestfriend's ex. You should be sitting with his girlfriend."

"I am sitting with his girlfriend." While this was happening Y/N had her head down.

"No. Tae Oppa. They broke up, didn't you know?" She asked while fluttering her fake eye lashes.

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