Episode 30: Rumors

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The whole day I was basically with Jungkook. And again I was smiling like an idiot.


The next few weeks have been amazing with Jungkook. We haven't gotten into any fights like other couples would. At least in the dramas they would.

No crying. No issues. Only affection. Only happiness.

It was like, I was loved by someone other than my family. It was the best thing that's happened to me in awhile.

I was walking to school as I normally do. I would walk with Jungkook, but he said he wasn't feeling good. I told him I'd go see him after school.

I was walking to my class alone, when I felt a arm pull me into the bathroom.
"Y/N you have to be careful around Sunni! I heard she knows that you and Kook are together!" Said Momo. She look frightened so I knew she wasn't lying to me to try and scare me.

"Wh..wha? Are you serious?! How she find out about?! It-..it's ok she wouldn't do anything to me, when she knows about me and Jungkook." I said sure but a little hesitant.

"I don't know about that N/N.... You know how she gets. She can do anything, you know that N/N."

"Momo calm down. She won't do anything to me. I know it."

"Ok just...... promise me you won't let her touch you?" And she stuck her pinky out. I took it in my pinky and locked it with hers.

I was going to my class when the bell rung.

Damn it Momo

I got into class and luckily the teacher wasn't there yet. I quickly got to my seat and waited.


I was almost to Kookie's house. When I got there I knock on the door. There was no answer, I knocked again. Still no answer. "JUNGKOOK! ARE YOU IN THERE?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Still no answer maybe he was still asleep, so I decided to leave. While walking no home I heard people talking.

"I heard Sunni is really mad."

"I'm scared for the loser that managed to date him!"

"Sunni is gonna destroy her"

These whispers I could hear stated to worry me.

"What was she planing?" I asked myself aloud.

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