Episode 60: Dinner

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Chen said he would take us all out to dinner. He was the one younger than me. He might of had a chance with Y/N if I didn't come along. One of them said he had a crush on her so it was only a matter of time.

Everyone agreed. But no one knew where to go.

"Oh Chen!" yelled Y/N. "We should go to that place your mom would always take us!" she said excited. She such a bubbly person.

"Oh! (Your favorite Korean food place)?" he asked. N/N nodded frantically. He laughed.

"That place? That's the best restaurant around by far!" yelled Namjoon Hyung. Everyone laughed.

I haven't be to (The place) since they left. It reminded me of how much I missed them. But now they are back and even staying so when Chen said food was in him.... It told me to take the opportunity.

When we were leaving to go to the place I asked Oppa if I could go with the three. He agreed and we set off.

Kris pulled away from Fashioned Dances. What great memories I had here. And what great memories I just made. This truly was a day I would never forget.

I saw the way Jungkook was behaving. He was an over protective boyfriend these past few days. Then all of the sudden three unknown guys were clinging onto her.

I could feel how mad he was. How much he wanted to just take her from them. But he couldn't. He had to stay calm. He had to remain away.


We were talking at the table when he slammed his chair in and grabbed Y/N away from those boys. He looked very pissed. They talked and were fine. He came back at ease.

Still talking I felt him stiff. He was uncomfortable. I was about to ask when I heard four people laughing. I looked in the sne direction and saw the new boys and Y/N laughing. Jungkook wasn't uncomfortable he was embarrassed. What a kid.

This was great! I don't understand why she hadn't mentioned this before. This place was awesome! It was so good. Best part was that it was very peaceful. The place was in a garden. This place was for people with a lot of money so there wasn't that many people there.

Everyone was talking Y/N was no longer hanging with the three but with Jungkook. She was feeding him and he didn't seem to mind. The three were talking to Suna and Momo. Catching up?

That day and night was super exciting and fun. We did everything I haven't done in a long time. I'm glad I was able to redo everything.

The place was more peaceful since the last time we came. I was more quiet. Less people. I enjoyed it. Today was the best day in my life by far!

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