Episode 69: Pissed

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69 ;). Sorry but no Smut here. If you want smut look at my Finished reading list. Sorry.


I waited for Y/N to come back to the table so we could go somewhere. She still a little upset at me but she's not that mad.


She took a while but finally came back. She had 2 bag in her hands. "Whatcha got there?" I asked. She looked at me with a smile.

"Ok. I have two different things. One is for you and the other is for someone I miss."

I looked at her confused. She got the first bag a brought out a hat out. It was one of those hats that had the rings on them. I've always wanted one of these hats. Ever since I was little.

I parted my lips in awe. "You remembered.." I spoke out. Like a whisper almost. She nodded at chuckled. I went we up to her and gave her a huge bear hug. "Who's this for?"

She pulled out a a knitting kit. I looked at her curiously. "I remember how this person loved to bake and kit for us." As she was speaking a familiar women came to mind. Oh no! "You mother was a great person. Please give this to her." She said handing the kit to me.

I tried to hand Jungkook the kit but he slapped it out of my hand. He made me really mad at that moment. "She doesn't deserve your fucking love!" He shouted. Me and the two other boys were shocked. "That slut deserves no love from anyone!" My mouth swung open. How could someone talk about there mother like that.

"Jungkook that's is no way to talk about your mother!" I scolded him. Tae and Jimin tried to calm me and Jungkook.

"Shut the fuck up Y/N! You've talked about you mother way worst than I am! You have no right to criticize me!"

"Never talk about Enji, ever! You know what she did!"

"You know what fuck you! You don't even know me! You don't even have the guts to call her you mother! " And with that he stormed off. In that moment I wanted to craw in a hole. I wanted to disappear. In that moment I broke.

Jimin got the hat I bought and ran after Jungkook. He was followed by Taehyung He pisses me off so fucking much sometimes.

I grabbed the kit and started walking. I was thinking and then I realized I didn't have a way home. The nearest bus stop was 5 miles away. My house was all the way across town.

I scared out in frustration. I started to make my journey to back home.


I wasn't even close to back home. Probably not even a quarter of the way. I couldn't call anyone because my phone was dead. Smart me. Who takes there phone somewhere at 14%?

I groaned and continued to walk. .....

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