Episode 72: Kris Is Needed

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Warning: if you have a problem with suicide or blood this chapter may not be for you.

The room was torn apart. There was crap every where. She is very nice and neat person but, this room says otherwise. Her desk was a complete reck. She had thrown all her tables down. She took all of her clothes out. Papers and pictures were ripped and scattered around the room. However she was no where to be found.

I told them all to stay out there. I slowly made my way through the destroyed room.

I walked into the bathroom as saw it was just as bad as the bedroom. I looked around and saw...


I continued to look around and heard crying. I walked back into the bathroom and heard the crying louder. Then I remember about the closest. I walked into the closest and saw a small body curled up into a ball. I made my way slowly to her. "Y/n?" I placed my hand on her and she roughly removed it. "What's wrong sweetie?" She didn't answer. "Do you want Jungkook?" No answer. I lightly grabbed her arm but again she removed it. I felt something on my hand and looked.

There on my hand was a dark red liquid running down my hand. My eyes widened. "Y/N what happened?!" She shook her head.

"I want Kris...." She softly whisper. It was barley addible but I still heard it. Knowing her she wasn't going to talk to me. I sighed and got up. I got a towel placed it in water, ringed it and then gave it to her. I walked out of the room and told someone to call Kris.

Kris POV
I got a call from Taehyung. He said that there was something wrong with y/n. I told him to give me the address and I would head over there.

Y/N always had problems. Ever since I met her when we were little she always had problems. Whether it was forgetting about that boy who abandoned her. Or to getting the courage to talk to another person.


I got to the house and walked in. There was all of the other boys and another boy. He looked younger than me. But everyone had the same expression.


They all looked worried. "What happened?" I asked.

Yoongi explain to me the situation... Hearing this was breaking my heart. I always knew she was a sensitive person. But she never once ever hurt herself.


I walked into the closest. There I found her holding onto  herself. Her knees to her chest. Her head resting on her knees.

We talked for awhile and she told me what happened. I wanted to walk out of here and punch him so hard. But for what ever reason she didn't want me to.

She wanted me to take her home with me. She said just for awhile. I'm guessing that this place reminds her of him.

I agreed to take her only if she stopped the shit with cutting herself. She quickly agreed.

On the way to my house she kept apologizing about making me come all the way to her house. Letting her stay at my house. And lastly having to deal with her shit.
"Kris I'm s....."

"Y/N I swear to god! If you say sorry one more time I will go insane!"

She let out a breathy laughed. "Fine..... I apologize."

I hugged at her and shot a glare at her. She just chuckled.

I'm glad I can make her laugh. Because when she laughs you know she happy or that she's some what comfortable.

But I wonder why he did it. They always looked so happy together. Everyone also told me that they would be married one day. But I guess it was all just an act.

I gripped the wheel tightly while driving.

Why would he hurt her like he did? Did he really just use her? Did that bitch S--

"Kris you ok?" I heard her ask. I loosened my grip and glanced at her. She had a worried expression on her face.

"Yea I'm fine.... Hey the boys are going to be happy to see you. Especially Chen~..." I cooed at her.

I heard her choke. She then smacked my arm. I smiled and continued to drive home.

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